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Environmental Services

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Decision notice Dated Status
Land between Birchfield Drive, Beech Drive and Simpson Grove (Environment) 6 July 2011 Authorised
Installation of a Multi Use Games Area at Patricroft Recreation Ground )Lead Member for Customer and Support Services). 24 November 2008 Authorised
Inter-authority Agreement on Waste Management (Cabinet) 9 May 2007 Authorised
Salford Tobacco Control Strategy ( Lead Member For Environment) 13 September 2006 Authorised
Designation of Worsley Woods as a Local Nature Reserve (Cabinet Decision) 2 March 2006 Authorised
Placing of official orders to ADT and SCC Development Services re. Chestnut Avenue Depot Refurbishment Programme (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 7 December 2004 Authorised
Placing of official orders re. designs and equipment for Whittle Street and Peel Parks (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 5 October 2004 Authorised
Placing of order in accordance with a tender for the refurbishment of Victoria Park Bandstand (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 5 October 2004 Authorised
Contract re. construction of a MUGA at Beechfarm/Moorside Park and approval for works to proceed (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 5 October 2004 Authorised
Confirmation of intention to proceed with Beacon Council Round 6 Submissions (Cabinet Decision) 1 September 2004 Authorised
Allotment Notice to Quite June 2004 (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 30 June 2004 Authorised
Acceptance of Tender re. provision of the Public Analyst Service, Analytical Services and the Technical Support Team Service 12 May 2004 Authorised
Charges for factual statements in connection with health and safety at work statutory responsibilities (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 12 May 2004 Authorised
Designation of Blackleach Country Park as a Local Nature Reserve (Cabinet decision) 5 May 2004 Authorised
Environmental Improvements - Oakwood Park Play Area - Acceptance of Tender (Lead Member for Environmental Services) 29 April 2004 Authorised
Approval of proposals arising from the Best Value Review of Grounds Maintenance (Cabinet) 29 April 2004 Authorised
Continuation of the externalisation of the Dog Warden Service 16 March 2004 Authorised
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