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Community Services & Health

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Decision notice Dated Status
LINK in Salford Transition to Healthwatch (Adult Social Care & Health) 16 March 2012 Authorised
European Integration Fund Project (Lead Member for Neighbourhoods, Culture & Sport) 21 December 2011 Authorised
Provision of Level 2 Wellbeing Services 29 November 2011 Authorised
Intermediate Care 17 November 2011 Authorised
Passenger Transport Charges 15 November 2011 Authorised
Award of Interim Contract 17 October 2011 Authorised
Reform of the Blue Badge Scheme 17 October 2011 Authorised
Personalisation Programme for Voluntary Sector Contracts ROD 3 October 2011 Authorised
Commissioned Services from Salford Link Project 16 March 2011 Authorised
Allocation of Voluntary Sector Revenue Budget 2011-12 16 March 2011 Authorised
Voluntary Sector Contracts - Personalisation Programme and Efficiencies 8 March 2011 Authorised
Review and Reconfiguration of Supported Accommodation (Mental Health) Services 24 January 2011 Authorised
Changes to Policy for calculating Accommodation Charges 24 January 2011 Authorised
Re-configuration of Supported Accommodation Services (Mental Health) (Lead Member for Community Services & Health) 5 January 2011 Authorised
Award of Tender - Physical Disability 21 December 2010 Authorised
Award of Tender - Extra Care Housing Services for Older People (Lead Member for Community Services & Health) 21 December 2010 Authorised
Salford Volunteering Strategy (Cabinet) 26 October 2010 Authorised
Domiciliary Care Services (Lead Member for Community Services & Health) 20 September 2010 Authorised
Reorganisation of Provider Services 15 September 2010 Authorised
Reconfigurationof Older Persons Services Broughton 15 September 2010 Authorised
Tobacco Control Strategy 2010 15 September 2010 Authorised
Review of Older People's Day Services (Lead Member for Community Services & Health) 5 July 2010 Authorised
Introduction of utility charges at Holly Bank and Ingleside and the creation of a minor refurbishment budget at both services (Lead Member for Community Services & Health) 5 July 2010 Authorised
Domiciliary Care Services 24 March 2010 Authorised
Transforming Culture and Sport 24 February 2010 Authorised
Write off of Former Tenant Arrears.( Lead Member for Customer and Support Services). 26 January 2009 Authorised
Direct Payments Advocacy 25 February 2008 Authorised
Purchase of Care First 6 and associated hardware. 5 November 2007 Authorised
Exception to Standing Orders - Purchase of Carefirst 6. 5 November 2007 Authorised
Award of Contract (Lead Member for Community Health and Social Care) 15 October 2007 Authorised
Development of Neighbourhood Management - Results of Consultation (Cabinet) 23 April 2007 Authorised
Extra Care Sheltered Housing Scheme - Lead Member for Community Health and Social Care 6 March 2007 Authorised
LIFT Project (Cabinet) 24 October 2006 Authorised
Salford Compact - Codes of Practice (Cabinet Decision) 19 January 2006 Authorised
Modernisation of Day Services for Mental Health Service users, involving the closure of Duchy House (Cabinet Decision) 14 September 2005 Authorised
The closure of Foxhill Children's Home( Lead Member for Childrens Services ) 2 September 2005 Authorised
The award of a contract to for the supply and delivery of Bath Lifts( Lead member for Health and Social Care ) 29 July 2005 Authorised
Older Persons' Strategy (Cabinet Decision) 24 May 2005 Authorised
Award of Tender for the Stash Project( Lead Members for Children & Youth / Community , Health & Social Care ) 4 February 2005 Authorised
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