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The Electoral Commission: Need help with your voter ID application? Visit your local gateway centre

Welcome to our online voter ID resource pack to help share this important message with as many Salford residents as possible.

With the government introducing voter ID at polling stations, we need to ensure all electors are aware of these changes and able to still vote come May.

Some residents are less likely to have the required forms of photo ID and may need support to access the government portal to apply for the free Voter Authority Certificates. Please do encourage people to go into their local gateway centre if they need assistance – more details in the newsletter copy.

1. Social media

Please share our voter ID posts on Facebook and Twitter @Salfordcouncil or use these suggested posts to go on your social media channels. They can also be shared with community groups via Whatsapp (visual supplied as jpeg on cover email).

  • Don’t miss out on your chance to vote. Electors now need photo ID to vote at a polling station in the #LocalElections on Thurs 4 May. Don't have photo ID? You can apply for free voter ID until 5pm on Tues 25 April. Visit or call into a gateway centre.
  • Did you know you need photo ID to vote in the local councillor elections? Find out what’s accepted now and apply for free voter ID if you need to. Visit or ask for help at your gateway centre #Swinton #Walkden #Pendleton #Eccles #Broughton
  • You now need photo ID to vote at a polling station. Check if your ID is ok. If it’s not on the list of acceptable documents, apply for free voter ID. Need help? Visit or go to your local gateway centre #Pendleton #Swinton #Eccles #Walkden #Broughton
  • To vote at a polling station you now need to show photo ID. Check now if your ID is accepted. Don’t have any? Apply for free voter ID now online or go to your gateway. Make sure you have your say in May’s local councillor elections.

2. Email footer

Help raise awareness by downloading the email footer and adding it to the bottom of your emails.

3. Suggested newsletter copy

Short version

The next local election in Salford takes place on Thursday 4 May 2023, which is when the new legal requirement to show photo ID when voting at a polling station applies. If you don’t have an acceptable form of photo ID, please apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate by Tuesday 25 April.

Longer version - information specifically about voter ID

Voter ID now required at polling stations

The UK Government has introduced a requirement to show photo ID when voting at a polling station. This applies for the first time in Salford at local councillor elections on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Previously voters just had to confirm their name and address on arrival at the polling station. Now you will have to show a government approved photo ID document such as a passport driving licence, blue badge and certain concessionary travel cards. Visit to find out more including the full list of acceptable ID. If you have one, you don’t need to do anything else other than remember to take it with you to the polling station on election day. You can still use it to vote even if it’s out of date, as long as it still looks like you. You will only need to show one form of photo ID, but it needs to be the original version and not a photocopy.

If you don’t have an approved photo ID (or you’re not sure whether your photo ID still looks like you) you can apply online for a free Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) before Tuesday 25 April.

If you need help going online, please pop into your local gateway centre, a one stop shop for a wide range of council and community services. Located across Salford, they have free internet and are open late every weekday - Monday to Thursday 8am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 6.30pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm. There are centres in Swinton, Eccles, Pendleton, Walkden and Broughton. Staff can help you complete the form and take free photos for your application.

As an alternative to voting in person on polling day, you can apply online for a postal vote at If you require a paper copy of a postal vote application form, email with your request, name and address or call 0161 793 2500. The deadline to apply for postal voting is Tuesday 18 April 2023.

General information about May elections

Make sure you have your say in May

One councillor from each of Salford’s 20 wards will be up for election. You must first be registered to vote which can be done online in just five minutes. If you have already registered at your address you don’t need to re-register but if you haven’t, visit the register to vote page on GOV.UK before Monday 17 April 2023. Before election day you will receive a poll card with the location of your polling station and information about voter ID.

There are three ways to have your say - vote in a polling station, by post, or by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf, known as a proxy vote - the deadline to apply for a proxy vote is Tuesday 25 April 2023. Visit for all the details of May elections.

4. Leaflets and posters

The Electoral Commission have provided the following which are all available as PDFs.

  • 12-page booklet ‘Everything you need to know about voter ID to vote in the May elections’
  • Two-sided leaflet and poster templates which we have Salfordised to highlight where to go for local help and support.

The PDFs below can be downloaded and printed from a colour copier. However, if you would like to be supplied with professionally printed versions of either/both posters and leaflets, please see the contact at the end of this page.

5. Translations

The Electoral Commission’s 12-page voter ID booklet ‘Everything you need to know about voter ID to vote in the May elections’ has been translated into these 22 languages and is available to download below as a PDF.

Please note that not all nationalities are eligible to vote in the UK. Refugees are eligible to vote if they are one of the nationalities eligible to vote in the UK. Visit our nationalities eligible to vote in the UK page for more details.

6. Different accessible formats

The voter ID 12-page booklet has also been formatted into these versions available now.

The Electoral Commission have provided videos in British Sign Language (BSL):

7. How to request resources

We will do our best to provide you with the resources you require asap. Please submit your request by emailing Michelle Gould, Senior Communications Officer on with your request and all info outlined below:

  • Name of service/organisation
  • Contact and address/details for delivery of leaflets/posters but preferably whether you can collect from the civic centre reception or a gateway in your area (located in Swinton, Eccles, Pendleton, Walkden and Broughton)
  • Leaflet and poster quantities
  • Where will the posters/leaflets be displayed?
  • Who will the posters/leaflets be distributed to?
  • Any other queries

Thank you very much for your support.

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