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Salford Gallery And Museum, Crescent, Salford, M5 4WU

UPRN: 10004670077 | Easting: 382070 | Northing: 398750

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The ward for your property is Pendleton and Charlestown.

Your neighbourhood area is East Salford.

Your Clinical Commissioning Group neighbourhood area is Broughton.

Your councillors

Your polling station

The Beacon Centre, London Street, Salford, M6 6QT. View a location map of your polling station.

Domestic refuse and recycling

Your next collection will be food and garden waste (pink lidded bin or outdoor bin), domestic waste (black bin), blue recycling bin or bag on

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Your second collection will be food and garden waste (pink lidded bin or outdoor bin), brown recycling bin or box on

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Your third collection will be food and garden waste (pink lidded bin or outdoor bin), blue recycling bin or bag on

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Details of your further collections

Downloadable documents

More information about recycling.

Recycling sites

  • Tesco Extra, Pendleton, M6 5JG (1.3 kilometres away)
  • Cobden Street Household Waste Recycling Centre, M6 6WF (1.8 kilometres away)
  • Lumns Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre, M27 8LN (4.4 kilometres away)
  • Civic Centre, Swinton, M27 5AW (5.2 kilometres away)
  • Morrison Superstore, Swinton Hall Road, M27 4BT (5.3 kilometres away)

More information about rubbish and recycling.

Business rates

The rateable value of this property is £355,000.

Planning information

To see planning information about this area, you can use our planning applications look up service.

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  • UK Parliament - find out your constituency and who your Member of Parliament is

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