Class 4, 5 light and 7 MOT testing

From Monday 6 January 2020, we will be introducing an online appointment booking system to allow you to book and pay for all vehicle test appointments. You will be able to access this system at your convenience, 24 hours a day to book and pay for compliance tests and private MOTs.

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Salford City Council's vehicle management team aims to protect the general public by ensuring that all private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicles licensed by the council are safe and mechanically reliable.

We also set and enforce other vehicle condition standards, which the general public are entitled to expect when travelling in these vehicles.

  • Salford is a designated council authorised by the Department of Transport's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency to carry out statutory tests on vehicles (MOT testing).
  • The council's MOT station is open for business to the general public and can test cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.
  • Following successful testing of a vehicle for the purpose of it being a taxi, the vehicle is issued with a Certificate of Compliance and is exempt from needing an MOT certificate whilst it is being used as a taxi.
  • We are also empowered under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 to introduce additional regulations relating to private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicle standards.
  • Having regard to high mileage and most arduous stop-start operating conditions of these vehicles, additional conditions relating to mechanical fitness are imposed by the council.
  • In order to maintain acceptable safety standards throughout the period of the private hire or Hackney Carriage licence, the scope of the test is extended to cover additional items and wherever practical the standards are raised to those of manufacturers' production tolerances.
  • Any defect or condition liable to cause discomfort or delay to any member of the public travelling in the vehicle as a result of premature failure or design will be regarded as unacceptable.
  • All vehicles are tested before a taxi licence plate is issued, for private hire this plate is valid for six months, and for Hackney Carriages for 12 months but with a second test every six months thereafter. Other full examinations carried out are normally as a result of concerns identified at random roadside checks by Police or other enforcement officers.
  • Taxi operators should advise the people who carry out their maintenance and repair work that satisfying the MOT criteria, which is a minimum statutory standard, may not mean that the vehicle will pass the test required for a taxi licence.
  • Information about vehicle maintenance standards for private hire and Hackney Carriage vehicles can be obtained from:
    • The MOT Inspection Manual (1998 Consolidated Edition), published by HM Stationery Office
    • The Vehicle Manufacturers' Workshop Manual
    • Salford City Council's conditions of use (issued on application for licence).

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 6pm.

Who to contact

Alan Fitzsimons
Service Manager
Turnpike Depot
631 Eccles New Road
M50 1SW
Map to this location
0161 925 1042

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