Civil partnership

When you decide to enter into a civil partnership, it is up to you whether you decide to have a ceremony or not.

It is a legal requirement that you must acknowledge you are entering into a civil partnership by reading or saying aloud the declaration required by law as stated on the Civil Partnership Schedule.

This schedule must be signed by both parties entering into the civil partnership and also by two witnesses. This is known as the 'formation of the civil partnership'.

Ceremony options

We have a very flexible approach to civil partnerships and apart from the legal declarations required for signing the Civil Partnership Schedule, it is entirely up to you how you would like your ceremony to progress.

We have suggested vows, readings and opening and closing words but if you would like to write your own special words to one another and enhance the ceremony to your liking, you may do so if you choose to hold your ceremony at one of our approved venues.

You cannot, however, have any religious connotations at your ceremony, and you must let the superintendent registrar check any planned enhancements to your ceremony in advance of the actual date.

You will be given a guidance and checklist to complete when you book your ceremony with us, or you may download this document from this page.

Where in Salford can I hold my civil partnership celebration?

You may choose to have your ceremony at Salford register office in either the ceremony room which holds up to 60 guests or in the designated register office which holds four people maximum, or at any of our approved venues.

If you choose to hold your ceremony at one of our approved venues you must check with the venue first for your chosen day and time before booking the registrar to attend.

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