Applying for British citizenship

This service is not available at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Nationality checking service

Salford Register Office is now offering a checking service for British citizenship application forms.

In October 2018 the Nationality Checking Service will cease and no further appointments will be made for this service. Salford Register Office will however, be offering a Nationality Document Return Service from 1 February 2018. This is the service which allows you to apply online for British Citizenship but have your original documents photocopied by us. Please see the details of below on how to use this service.

Why use this service?

  • This service ensures that applications for British Citizenship are completed correctly
  • Important documents which need to accompany the application form will be copied and certified so applicants can keep the originals
  • We do have to send your original Life in the UK test certificate to the Home Office
  • Completed applications will be sent to the Home Office by Secure Post

Advice about nationality and applying 

The nationality checking service team will NOT be able to provide advice about nationality or the documents you produce. It is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to apply by reading the Home Office guidance notes and visiting the Home Office website. Here you can find advice on  how to apply including what necessary documents you need to produce. Please ensure you are satisfied you are eligible for British Citizenship before applying. 

Please note that even though we send off the necessary copies of your documents with your application, the Home Office reserve the right to request original documents, additional documents and further information as part of the process. If the Home Office write to you requesting documents or information, they will give you 14 days to respond. 

Once your application has been approved by the Home Office, Salford Register Office will organise your citizenship ceremony. This can be held at the Town Hall (Salford Civic Centre) or one of Salford's approved venues.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to apply by reading the Home Office Guidance Notes.

What are the benefits of British citizenship?

Becoming a British citizen has many benefits, including:

  • the right to live permanently in the UK
  • the right to vote in UK national elections and elections to the European Parliament
  • eligibility for a UK passport
  • the advantages of being European Union (EU) citizens (eg ease of travel and gaining employment in other EU countries)
  • eligibility to a range of state support both in the UK and abroad

How can I get an application form?

A copy of the British citizenship application form, guide to completing the form and the requirements booklet can be obtained direct from the GOV.UK website.

How do I arrange for my form to be checked?

This service is currently suspended at Salford Register Office until further notice.

We hope to recommence this service again in June.

Is there a charge for the service?

Salford Register Office will charge an administration cost for offering an effective service:

  • £55 for an adult single application - with effect from 1 July 2017 the fee will increase to £60 for an adult single application
  • £30 for one or more children under the age of 18 who apply separately to their parents

All fees include VAT and may be paid by postal order or cheque (made out to Salford City Council), or by credit card or cash.

Please note that these fees are in addition to the normal fee payable to the Home Office for processing an application for nationality. Home Office fees may be paid by postal order or cheque (made out to the Home Office) or by credit card.

Passport Checking Service

Salford Register Office is now offering a passport application checking service, for those who are applying for, and using our Nationality Checking Service.

Anyone 15 and a half years and over who wish to use this service, must attend in person and all forms must be completed before attending the appointment. You can obtain a passport application form and guidance notes from your local Post Office. 

The fee is £15 in addition to the nationality checking service fee above.  This must be paid at the time of making an appointment and is non refundable. If you wish to change the appointment time, 48 hours notice will be required. You must read the guidance notes for the passport application before applying for this service.

In addition to the documents required for the nationality checking service, you need to supply the following documents:

  • A completed application form
  • three passport photographs which comply with the photograph standards (please ensure you read the Photo Standards documents) One of these photographs will be used for the Nationality Checking Service application.
  • The passport photographs must be from the same sitting position and not more than a month old.
  • The applicants full name in writing should be written on the back of two photographs which will be used for the passport application. These photographs do not need to be certified when applying for Citizenship and a passport at the same time.

Please be aware that the passport application will not be processed until the decision on the citizenship application has been made. 

For further enquiries please contact Salford Register Office on 0161 603 6883.

Nationality Document Return Service

From 30 January 2018, you are able to apply for citizenship online at GOV.UK where you can submit your application online and send your original documents direct to UKVI.

If you do not wish to send your original documents to UKVI, within ten days of submitting your online application you can make an appointment at Salford Register Office, to have your original documents photocopied and we will send the photocopies direct to UKVI by secure post. This will allow you to keep your original documents rather than send them in the post.

The fees for the Nationality Document Return Service (NNDR) are:

  • £50 per adult application
  • £25 per child application (under the age of 18)

Please telephone 0161 603 6883 to make an appointment after you have submitted your online application to the Home Office.

You are still able to use the passport checking service, if you apply online for citizenship – please see above for details on the passport checking service.

This page was last updated on 3 October 2018

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