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Health and safety enforcement is split between local authorities i.e. Salford City Council and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Depending on the work activity, determines who the enforcing body is. The following types of premises are enforced by Salford City Council, this list is not exhaustive:

  • offices (except government offices)
  • shops
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • leisure premises
  • nurseries and playgroups
  • pubs and clubs
  • museums (privately owned)
  • places of worship
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes 

You should contact the HSE if your query relates to the following types of workplaces:

  • factories
  • farms
  • building sites
  • mines
  • schools and colleges
  • fairgrounds
  • gas, electricity and water systems
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • central and local government premises
  • offshore installations 

Health and safety in the home

If you are requesting advice about health and safety in the home, the following websites may assist you:

Contact us

If you can’t find the answer to your question from the HSE or other website information listed above, you can complete and submit the online form detailing your enquiry and a member of the Environmental Health Team will get back to you.

Request health and safety advice

Once you have completed the form, an officer will contact you with the information you have requested. 

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