Pregnancy: advice for parents

A pregnant woman sat on a bed

Top tips for parents to be and useful information with health and wellbeing.

Eating well during pregnancy, top tips and advice and a short video from the BBC. 

Mental health advice for pregnant women, support and wellbeing information from the NHS.

Looking after yourself during pregnancy, information from the NHS. 

Baby Buddy App, from best beginnings.

Would you like to come to our baby social group, come and have a chat and get to know new people. Find a baby social group in your area

Online antenatal course

Would you like to know more about your journey to parenthood? Our online antenatal course 'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby' is a great place to get started.

The Solihull Approach antenatal online course has been developed by registered midwives and will give you practical information about pregnancy and birth, whilst at the same time introducing you to your baby.

It explains how and why those around your baby are so important, whether you are the mother, father, partner, grandparent or birth partner. It integrates the traditional information given on an antenatal course with a new approach to starting a relationship with your baby before your baby even makes an appearance!

If you would like to register to complete the course or for more information, please call the Salford Early Help Team on 0161 686 7235.

Five to Thrive

Respond – Cuddle – Relax – Play - Talk

Do these five things to bond with your baby during pregnancy.


My brain when you respond to me, I feel safe when I hear your voice, you look at me and you are close to me.

To survive, babies must gain attention from their parents. Responding is the beginning of mind- mindedness or mindfulness, the ability to give attention to your baby. Here is advice and activities to help you to respond to your baby.

Playing music to your baby is a fantastic way to feel your baby kick and move in response to your favourite songs. Babies start to hear from around 15 weeks.

Family members can start bonding with your baby by talking to the bump everyday and see how baby responds to different voices and touch.


My brain grows better when you cuddle me, I feel safe when I get the contact, I need from adults I love.

Massaging your bump is a brilliant way for your baby to feel your touch and for you both to feel connected.

Taking photos with your bump will help you see the changes of pregnancy and help you create memories.


My brain gets bigger when you relax, when you are calm I’m calm.

Trying to relax when you are pregnant can sometimes be a struggle when you have lot of thought and worries but taking time out your day to relax can be very beneficial for yourself and the baby. Here are a few top tips and activities to help you relax during your pregnancy.

Midwife Dilan explains why you should spend time bonding with your baby well before they're born, what to take notice of and when to speak to your midwife.

Taking time out to reflect and bond with your bump.

Breathing techniques can relax you and the baby. Breathing can let yourself feel less stressed.


My brain grows better when you play with me, you are the best toy I could have and I can learn from you.

Ready steady baby, a full information sheet to advice how to bond to your baby during pregnancy.

Stretching can enhance your body ready for birth but you can also bond with your baby with touch and feel your baby though different movements.


My brain grows better when you talk to me, I learn from the sounds of your voice, the more you talk to me the more I learn and bond with you. Singing makes me relax and will help my brain develop.

Talking to your bump will help you bond with your baby.

Getting to know your bump and how you can do this.

The benefits of talking to your bump.

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