Barff and Kennedy Public Spaces Protection Order

Alleyway between 35/37 Kennedy Road and 36/38 Barff Road, Weaste)

Public Spaces Protection Order 2016 

The area of Weaste in the vicinity of Kennedy Road has suffered from crime and anti-social behaviour for a number of years, particularly following the closure of the Willows Rugby League Stadium in 2011, and its demolition in 2012. More recently, the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) have increased still further and are focused on the area in the vicinity of the side-passage between 35/37 Kennedy Road and 36/38 Barff Road (as shown on the plan attached to the sealed order). 

Crime and ASB occurred within the alleyway itself and in particular was used as an escape route by persons carrying out crime and ASB in the immediate area, making their apprehension by the police more difficult.  The Public Spaces Protection Order was made to enable the gating of this alleyway with the objective of reducing the ‘activities that had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality as stated below:

  • The throwing of objects including stones, bricks, tiles and fireworks at persons, properties and vehicles
  • Vandalism of property / breaking into property / theft from property
  • Noisy off-road motor bikes being ridden dangerously through the alleyway
  • The setting of fires in the alleyway including setting fire to motorbikes
  • Large groups of persons gathering in and in the vicinity of the alleyway shouting, swearing and intimidating residents
  • Dumping of rubbish / littering in the alleyway
  • Drug-taking in the alleyway
  • Violence and assault

In connection with much of the crime and ASB identified above, use of the alleyway as an escape route, particularly in relation to crime and ASB on Kennedy Road. 

It was acknowledged that the alleyway/ restricted area did provide part of a through-route linking, in particular, the residential area to the west (around Bradfield Avenue) with the shops on the corner of Willows Road / Weaste Lane and along Chandos Grove. These facilities remain accessible to pedestrians by way of the existing footways of Barff Road, Tootal Road and Weaste Lane.

The overall difference in distance between this route and using the alleyway is 189 metres (the same additional distance would apply to visiting the shops on Chandos Grove). 

Whilst this is not an insignificant additional distance, in the context of the issues of crime and ASB and overall distance / journey times the use of this as an alternative route was considered by the Council to be justifiable. Many residents consulted also considered this additional distance to be ‘reasonable’ in the context of the proposal and their support for it. The council as local highway authority has been consulted and supports the Order. 

Putting the PSPO in context, the alleyways at the rear of 1–71 Kennedy Road, 2-72 Barff Road, 26–40 Tootal Road and 1–15 New Cross Street were gated in 2004. This resulted in a reduction in crime in those particular alleys. The alleyway now covered by the PSPO was not included in that earlier gating scheme in recognition of the fact that it did provide some utility as a connecting route through the area. However, the problems of crime and ASB had risen to such levels that it was decided that this alleyway should also be gated. 

In April of this year a PSPO was introduced to prohibit certain ‘activities’ within the area (this PSPO covered a number of streets and therefore no areas were gated off). Whilst there was some small reduction in crime and ASB in some in parts of the area where the ‘activities’ have been prohibited under that PSPO, the activities have not ceased and there have also been difficulties in enforcement. Additionally, CCTV has been installed on Tootal Road, with a line of site on Kennedy Road. However, this has led to more of the anti-social behaviour being carried out in the alleyway, out of sight of the CCTV.  

The PSPO will prohibit persons from ‘being in’ the restricted area (with an exemption for adjoining and adjacent residents, those being 1–71 (odds) Kennedy Road, 2–72 (evens) Barff Road, 26–40 (evens) Tootal Road and 1–15 (odd) New Cross Street.  

To be in breach of the PSPO is an offence. The gates erected are to prevent the use of the restricted area by unauthorised persons. The gates will be managed and maintained by the council. Statements received from residents and Greater Manchester Police demonstrated that, whilst the crime and ASB occurred mainly in the evening (after 4pm), it is also occurred at some levels during the day, particularly during school holidays. This was taken into account and it was decided that the PSPO will be in effect at all times. The PSPO has been made so as to be operative for the maximum of three years. Before the PSPO expires, the ASB team will undertake a further consultation and review to determine whether the PSPO should be extended. 

Please see below for a full copy of the made order including the map of the area and the made notice,

If you would like more information regarding this order contact or by telephoning 0161 686 5830.

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