The Learning Disabilities Partnership Board

The Salford Learning Disabilities Partnership Board is a group of people who meet to talk about the things that are most important to people with learning disabilities in Salford.

They talk about what is being done to make things better for people with learning disabilities in Salford.

The members are the eight Learning Disabilities Champions and professionals who can make things happen. The chair of the group is the commissioner for services for adults with learning disabilities.

The Listening to People group for adults with learning disabilities talk about the same things as the Partnership Board to make sure they hear the voices of as many people with learning disabilities as possible.

The champions will make sure they tell the Partnership Board what Listening to People members have said.

The Partnership Board has to tell the Learning Disability and Autism Strategy Group about it’s work.

This is where you can find the Salford Learning Disability Partnership Board’s quarterly newsletters with updates about the work being done.

Have your voice heard

Our Listening to People group is a group for any Salford Adult with Learning Disabilities.

We meet face to face on the third Tuesday of every month and on zoom on the following Thursday.

Find our meetings dates for 2024, you can download an easy read version at the bottom of this page or click the following link to see the dates.

Listening to People meetings in 2024


  • Tuesday 16 January, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 18 January, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 20 February, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 22 February, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 19 March, 11am to 2pm. Room 3, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 21 March, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 16 April, 11am to 2pm. Room 2, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 18 April, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 21 May, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 23 May, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • The Big Health day, 17 June at Buile Hill Park Hall.
  • Tuesday 18 June, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 20 June, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 16 July, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 18 July, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 20 August, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 22 August, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 17 September, 11am – 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 19 September, 1.30pm – 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 15 October, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 17 October, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 19 November, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 21 November, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.


  • Tuesday 17 December, 11am to 2pm. Room 1, Walkden gateway.
  • Thursday 19 December, 1.30pm to 2.10pm. Zoom.

Any local adult with learning disabilities will be warmly welcomed but if you need support to stay safe you will need to bring that support with you.

By stay safe I mean support with personal care, eating or drinking or to stay safe with others.

For more information contact Lindsey Brook, email or phone 07717691617.

Meet the Learning Disabilities Champions

As we redeveloped our Learning Disability Partnership Board here in Salford, we gave some thought to experts by experience involvement. We reflected on what we had done previously and what we know of other areas and we came to the conclusion that, just like professionals, experts by experience do not have expertise or indeed interest in all areas of life.

We decided to try a ‘Champions’ model where experts by experience can champion particular things that are their passions and that align with the priorities for work people and families have told us are key in Salford.

Our champions are local adults with learning disabilities, they sit on out Partnership Board, our ‘Listening to People’ group and the Greater Manchester Confirm and Challenge Group. Each has developed an individual support agreement with our Engagement and Development Officer who provides the support to them they need to participate fully. Our champions are:

Listening to People Champion, Mr Sean Dempsey

Sean Dempsey

My name is Sean Dempsey, and I am the ‘Listening to People’ Champion. I live in Swinton in Salford with my family.

Being a champion is all about helping people with learning disabilities to have a chance to speak up. As a champion I can speak up on behalf of other people and represent them.

We are experts by experience and in the past we have not always been listened to but we are the experts about our own lives and what we think should be heard by the bosses.

I go to lots of other group for people with learning disabilities in the North West and nationally. I am passionate about speaking up for people with learning disabilities to help people get better lives.

Homes Champion, Mr Benjamin Johnstone 

Benjamin Johnstone

I wanted to be a Champion because I want to help people, to give them support. I want to make Salford a better place.

That means no violence, I don’t want negativity I want positivity. I want to talk to friends and I just want them to support me like a friend would.

Where you live, and your support, is important. You want them to be nice and give you support and talk to you if you feel angry or frustrated.

It’s important to have a good home, some people are homeless and have no ne to turn to. I would like to be more independent, my staff help me learn the skills I need.

Good Health Champion, Ms Charlotte Little 

Charlotte Little

The reason why I wanted to become the health champion is to listen to people and try and help them.

Good health is important to me because I have a health condition called Type 2 diabetes. I think that all health practitioners should always try and understand people with learning disabilities instead of trying to push it under the carpet.

I think health practitioners should come out to the community to where people have learning disabilities and sit down and actually listen to them before trying to diagnose them.

I would like to try and help as many people as I can by listening to them and getting them the help they need because as a person with a learning disability with a background of helping people and listening to them I’d like to help them get their voices heard.

Employment Champion, Ms Amy Carter 

Amy Carter

Hi, my name is Amy Carter and I am the employment Champion. I started going to a drama group called DIY theatre company to build my confidence. Before I started DIY I did not give anyone eye contact with but I can give eye contact now and I’ve got a lot more confidence. I run workshops at Springwood Primary School and at Bury college. I’m a fully arts award advisor I use different sensory prop.

I wanted to be a role champion because I can talk to people, do presentations and lead workshops, I led at a conference in Liverpool.

I have had lived experience of being paid at Salford Royal when I was working has a domestic worker. I used to love it but then I left because I left they were giving me all the worst jobs, like cleaning the toilets, – I don’t mind taking my turn at the worst jobs but then I was on the toilets all the time and then I went in to one of the toilets and there was lots of needles on the floor. I also work at the Lowry one session a week, supporting a drama session called YES drama I will be starting to do a bit of paid training through DIY soon.

I am good at talking to people I am good at getting on with people and getting them involved I talk to people when they are upset I’ve got good listening skills, good eye contact, good communication skills and good ideas.

Supporting Me Champion, Mr Keith Henry Johnson

Keith Henry Johnson

My name is Keith Henry Johnson and I am the ‘Supporting Me’ Champion. I have motivation, drive, guts and determination.

I want to help services for disabled people go forwards. I think everything should be accessible for people who use wheelchairs and other disabled people.

All services should treat everybody with respect, they should really listen to what people want and help them live the lives they want.

I work on behalf of the ‘Listening to People’ group, I am really proud to represent them.

There are currently two vacant champions:

  • Early Support and Education (vacant)
  • Justice System (vacant)

The champions system has been in place since Spring 2023 and we will continue to learn from their experiences and develop it over time.

This page was last updated on 9 November 2023

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