If you think you are autistic

If you think you are autistic there is help out there. You don’t need to do it alone.

On this page we hope we can help you find the support and activities that you need.

There are websites, podcasts and social media accounts hosted by autistic people to help autistic people better understand themselves and connect with others.

There are lots of resources to help everyone, including autistic people, with their health and wellbeing.

There is support available locally with things that are important to your life, like:



Welfare rights and debt advice

Cost of living support

Health and wellbeing

Mental health support

Asking for an assessment

  • If you think you are autistic there are self-assessment tools online that may support you to understand more about yourself and autism
  • If you think you are autistic and that a diagnosis would help you talk to your GP about why you think you are autistic and how a diagnosis would help you
  • If your GP agrees an assessment would be appropriate they can refer you for one
  • Your GP can also give you advice about local organisations that could help you

Salford Autism Partnership Board 

The Salford Autism Partnership Board is a group of people who meet to talk about the things that are most important to people with learning disabilities in Salford.

They talk about what is being done, and what needs to be done, to make things better for autistic people in Salford.

The members include professionals from Adults Social Care, Health, Housing, Supported Employment and the Criminal Justice System alongside experts by experience. The chair of the group is the commissioner for services for autistic adults.

Meetings takes place every three months via Microsoft Teams. The Adult Autism Partnership Board reports to the Learning Disability and Autism Strategy Board.

Hearing autistic people’s voices

Not everybody wants to, or is able to, attend Partnership Board meetings and it is important to us that autistic people’s voices are heard at The Partnership Board. In order to hear people’s voice we:

  • Visit groups of autistic people to listen to what is important to them and to talk about the things on the Adults Autism Partnership Board Agenda.
  • Include experts by experience (people with lived experience of autism) in the Partnership Board.
  • We are looking for autistic people who would like to be Champions – that is who have an interest in a particular area and would like to attend meetings to represent autistic people talking about that subject.  
    • Health
    • Employment
    • The Criminal Justice System
    • Supporting me
    • Housing
    • Transition from Children’s services to Adult Services

If you are interested in becoming a Champion please contact Lindsey Brook, Engagement and Development Officer to find out more:

Greater Manchester has an autism strategy that all ten boroughs must work towards:

There is an organisation called the Greater Manchester Autism Consortium (GMAC) who work alongside autistic people to provide information and guidance to autistic people, families and professionals.

Information, advice and support

From NHS – information about conditions

From NHS – support for employers

National Autistic Society

Local – statutory

Local offer

Easy read information

Places to get help

Local 3rd sector

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