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Equipment to help with daily living can help you to stay independent.

An occupational therapist will advise you and give you training on new ways to do your daily living tasks. This includes shopping, washing, dressing, cooking, working and other activities that are important to your wellbeing. 

They will also suggest items of equipment that can help. Examples of the type of equipment are:

  • Bathing
    • bath boards, bath seats, swivel bathers, bath lifts, bath steps, shower stools/seats
  • Bedding
    • beds, back rest, mattress/pillow raiser, leg lifter, bed rails, bed lever, over bed table
  • Preparing food, cooking and eating
    • perching stool, kettle tipper, trolley, tap turners
  • Moving and handling
    • transfer belts, boards, slings, hoists, roll sheets, turning equipment
  • Rails
    • grab or bannister rails
  • Telecare 
    • small sensors which automatically send an alarm if you are in difficulty
  • Toileting
    • raised toilet seats, bed side commode, bed pan, urinals, toilet frames
  • Mobility equipment
    • walking frames, walking sticks and wheelchairs

Does the equipment cost?

All of the equipment is loaned to you so there is no charge. Training is also free. 

What happens if my equipment breaks?

Because Adult Social Care still own the equipment, repairs or replacements (if it breaks) are free. Let Adult Social Care know if you no longer need it and we can arrange to return it.

Buying your own equipment

You may want to buy your own equipment. For example, you may want to buy a particular model or colour of equipment which is more expensive than the model Adult Social Care would loan you. Occupational Therapists can still advise you what would be best.

You need to remember that the equipment is your responsibility and you will have to maintain it and are responsible if it breaks down. 

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

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