Going to the toilet

Many people have trouble getting to the toilet in time, getting on and off the toilet and with continence - bladder or bowel problems.

These can all be managed so that you can carry on living independently at home.

If you have difficulties using the toilet, contact Disabled Living.

Disabled Living occupational therapists can assess you if you want more detailed advice.

Disabled Living can also advise you about continence products.

Living made easy has lots of information to help you manage going to the toilet.

Use the askSara self-assessment to find out what equipment might help.


Buy equipment from high street stores, online or catalogues. Useful items include:

  • grab rails
  • raised toilet seats
  • toilet frames
  • bottom wipers

Continence - bladder and bowel problems

If you have continence problems, you should contact your doctor. Although it can be embarrassing, there are some simple solutions which may help you regain control.

Your doctor can advise further or refer you to the NHS's continence team.

The Bladder and Bowel Community can give you more advice.

  • General enquiries: 01926 357220
  • Medical helpline: 0800 031 5412

The NHS also produces useful information about dealing with incontinence.

Out and about

If you have a bladder or bowel problem that means you have to go urgently, try the Bladder and Bowel Community 'Just can't wait' card.

There are many accessible toilets in Salford.

Levels of accessibility vary a lot, so you may need to check that you would be able to use them. Some accessible toilets need a special RADAR key to open them - available for £3.45 from Burrows House or Civic Centre.

What Adult Social Care can do

If you want more advice or you feel that you need more support, contact Adult Social Care which may be able to assess your situation and discuss the type of support you need.

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

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