Help with medicine

If you take a lot of medicine, or having difficulty remembering to take tablets, Living Made Easy has information about the different solutions.

Blister packs

blister pack

Ask your GP to prescribe your medicine in a blister pack. Each blister contains all the tablets you need to take and each blister has the day and time printed on it, so you know you are taking the right medicine at the right time.

Dosette boxes and pill dispensers

You can buy a dosette box where you (a carer, family member or friend) can organise your tablets by day and time of day for a week. 

Once electronic pill dispensers have been filled up, they sound an alarm when it's time to take your medication. Some only give you access to the right medicine. 

Pharmacy delivery

Some pharmacists (chemists) will deliver if you find it difficult to travel. 


There are lots of apps for smart phones and tablets that you can set to remind you to take your medicine. We can't make recommendations at the moment, but please tell us which work well.

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