Problems with your water pipes?

If water stops flowing in your home during very cold weather, you may have a frozen pipe.

United Utilities say it often happens where the pipe that supplies an individual property comes out of the ground and enters the house. This is usually near the stop tap which is often under the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, this is not something United Utilities can fix, but there are simple steps to take to gently defrost the pipe and get the water moving again.

  • Turn off your stop tap, usually found under your kitchen sink.
  • Turn on your cold tap in the kitchen.
  • Use a warm towel or hot water bottle to gently warm the pipe each side of the stop tap. Depending on how frozen your pipes are, this could take several hours.
  • Turn your stop tap back on to see if the water is running from the kitchen tap and check carefully for any leaks from the pipework, as the pipe might have burst.
  • In the case of a burst pipe you’ll need to turn off the stop tap again and call a plumber.

If this doesn’t work and you still have no water, there could be a problem with the water supply network in the street outside. Check to see if there are any issues in your area or call United Utilities on 03456 723 723.

Winter proof your home

United Utilities has advice on how to winterproof your home

Make sure you know where your stop tap is and check that it works. It’s usually under the kitchen sink but can also be in garages or cellars.

Keep your plumber’s contact details at hand or check if a water pipe leak or burst is covered on your home or business insurance.

Insulate pipes outside and in the garage or loft which will also prevent heat escaping from hot water pipes and save money on your energy bills.

Protect outside taps with an insulated cover

Priority Services Scheme

United Utilities has a Priority Services scheme, offering additional support for  customers who are elderly, in ill health, have a disability or mental health problems and those customers who may have financial worries or language barriers. Register online or call 0345 672 2888.

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