Eviction from a rented property

What is an eviction?

If your landlord believes you have broken any of the rules of your tenancy agreement, they may want to make you leave your home - this is called an eviction.

All landlords have to follow special legal procedures to evict tenants. There are laws to protect you. Whether or not your landlord can evict you and how the process works will depend on the type of tenancy you have.

If you are unsure what type of tenancy you have, you can visit the Shelter website to find out.

If your landlord has asked you to leave, talk to your Housing Options adviser immediately.

They may be able to:

  • suggest ways in which you can delay or stop the eviction
  • help you deal with court papers
  • go to court with you

It's never too late to get help!

How will my landlord tell me they are planning to evict me?

The first step your landlord has to take in order to evict you is to ask you to leave. Most people are entitled to a written notice.

This notice should tell you:

  • how much notice your landlord is giving you to leave
  • the date that your landlord wants you to leave
  • the reasons why you are being asked to leave
  • where you can go to get advice

What if I decide not to leave?

If you haven't left by the time your notice ends, your landlord will usually have to apply for an order from the county court telling you to leave. This is known as a possession order. The court will write to you and give you a date to leave your property.

Why have I received a bailiff's letter?

If you haven't left by the date the court says you have to, your landlord can arrange for a bailiff to evict you. Bailiffs are employed by the court.

You will receive a letter from the court saying when the bailiffs will arrive.

Bailiffs can physically remove you and your belongings from the property but must not use violence or unreasonable force in doing so.

Get help now!

If you have received any letters from your landlord, court or bailiffs and you are confused about your options, speak to your Housing Options Advisor now!

They could help you:

  • speak to your landlord
  • deal with any letters you have received
  • arrange for someone to go to court with you

It's never too late to get help and avoid losing your home, contact Salford Housing Options Point.

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