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The referencing service is no longer provided through Salford City Council's Landlord Accreditation Team. If you require a reference then please contact either Salix Homes or ForHousing.

The Landlord Accreditation Scheme can help tenants that are looking for private rented housing.

If you are looking for private rented accommodation you can ask landlords/managing agents if they are part of the scheme and check with the Landlord Accreditation team that their membership is still current.

To become a member of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme, landlords sign an agreement that states that the management and maintenance of their properties and tenancy meet the following:

  • All gas and electrical appliances, supply and installations have been certified as safe by an approved contractor in accordance with the current regulations
  • Any furniture supplied by your landlord meets the current fire safety regulations
  • You have been given a written copy of your tenancy agreement which is clearly readable and shows the level of rent due including dates when rent is due, amounts and methods of payment. Your agreement states whether you are responsible for the payment of water rates, utility bills and council tax. Any service charges are specified with the cost
  • If you ask for it, your landlord will provide you with receipts for payments of rent, deposits or service charges
  • The name and address of the landlord/agent is stated in your tenancy agreement
  • Your landlord has a commitment to deal responsively with complaints about tenant behaviour. This means that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and your landlord will discuss any complaints received with you. This may also be covered in your tenancy agreement
  • All tenants are also provided with a tenant handbook

A higher level of membership also exists which your landlord may sign up to. This will mean they have the following further responsibilities:

  • You will have been issued with a written procedure, which includes target response times, for carrying out repairs and maintenance at your property
  • Your landlord will carry out a regular inspection of your property
  • Your tenancy agreement contains clauses about nuisance and tenantbehaviour in the property and the neighbourhood area
  • Various additional measures will have been taken to make your home safe and secure.

If you are a tenant and would like to rent a property from an Accredited Landlord please visit the Salford Home Search website.

Landlord accreditation

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