Help make Salford a Living Wage City

Salford City Council is part of the campaign to make Salford a Living Wage City.

As the first council in Greater Manchester to pay the full Living Wage and be accredited as a Living Wage employer, we want to see more local people lifted out of poverty pay. Salford is the fastest growing economy in Greater Manchester attracting billions of pounds of investment every year. Becoming a Living Wage city is all about making sure everyone benefits from Salford’s phenomenal growth.

Organisations which have introduced the real Living Wage have seen significant improvements in staff motivation and productivity, the quality of work and reductions in staff absence and turnover, making them more efficient and profitable. Valuing staff in this way is also welcomed by customers. 

If your employer isn’t paying you the real Living Wage or you’re a business owner who wants to know more, please see this handy guide and series of frequently asked questions

If your employer is paying you less than the minimum wage or national living wage, you can get help from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

What is the Living Wage and why does it matter?

  • The real Living Wage is independently-calculated each year and reflects the real cost of living
  • It’s different from and higher than the government’s ‘national living wage’ introduced in 2016
  • Employers choose to pay the real Living Wage on a voluntary basis
  • It applies to all workers over 18 and has cross party support
  • Paying a wage that is enough to live on is good for workers, good for business and good for society 

Find out more from the Living Wage Foundation

This page was last updated on 24 July 2023

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