City boundary/gateway signs

Have you ever thought about promoting your business, if you have then boundary sign advertising could offer your business excellent exposure at an affordable cost.

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Example signs

Location Reference Sponsor
Site 1: Manchester Road A6, Little Hulton, Worsley BS01 Vacant
Site 3: Worsley Road North A575, Walkden, Worsley BS03 Worsley Driveways
Site 4: Manchester Road A666, Clifton, Swinton BS04 Hills Residential
Site 5: M60 junction 16, exit slip Road to A666 Clifton, Swinton BS05 PPC Prime Property Consultancy
Site 6: Agecroft Road A6044, Pendlebury, Swinton BS06 Vacant
Site 7: Littleton Road, Salford BS07 Hills Residential
Site 8: Bury New Road A56, Salford BS08 JC Design Group
Site 9: Bury Old Road A665, Salford BS09 JC Design Group
Site 10: Leicester Road A576, Salford BS10 Vacant
Site 10A: Tetlow Lane, Salford BS10A Vacant
Site 11: St James' Road A6010, Salford BS11 Hills Residential
Site 12: Bury New Road, A56, Salford BS12 Vacant
Site 12A: Broughton Lane, Salford BS12A Monarch Solicitors
Site 13: Sherbourne Street West, Salford BS13 Vacant
Site 14: Trinity Way A6042, Salford BS14 Hills Residential
Site 16: Chapel Street A6, Salford BS16 East Z East restaurant
Site 17: Blackfriars Street A6, Salford BS17 Monarch Solicitors
Site 21: Regent Road, A57 BS21 Hills Residential
Site 22: Trafford Road A5063, Salford BS22 M and A Brown (Engravers)
Site 23: Centenary Way A576, Salford BS23 Hills Residential
Site 24: Barton Road B5211, Eccles BS24 Hills Residential
Site 25: Liverpool Road A57, Cadishead, Irlam BS25 Vacant
Site 26: Chaddock Lane A572, Boothstown, Worsley BS26 Green Thumb
Site 27: East Lancashire Road A580, Boothstown, Worsley BS27 Hills Residential
Site 28: Mosley Common Road A577, Boothstown, Worsley BS28 Miller Metcalfe Estate Agents
Site 29: Bridgewater Road B5323, Boothstown, Worsley BS29 Millhall Financial Services
Site 30: Peel Lane A5082, Little Hulton, Worsley BS30 Vacant
Site 31: M60 junction 13, exit slip road clockwise, Worsley BS31 Hills Residential
Site 32: M60 junction 13, exit slip road anticlockwise, Worsley BS32 M and A Brown (Engravers)
Site 34: M61 junction 14 to A580, exit slip road, Worsley BS34 Hills Residential
Site 35: Trinity Way A6042 near Hampson Street BS35 Monarch Solicitors

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