Salford City Council has been working with a number of advertising developers to develop high quality advertising sites across the city.

The previous concession framework has now expired and Salford is seeking to re-establish the framework using a flexible procurement model which will be put in place for a period of five years, August 2018 to July 2023.

Billboard concession agreement, 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2023 (five years)

Salford City Council is looking for partners who can develop and manage large format advertising within the city. This arrangement will be based on a flexible procurement agreement (framework) and all of the successful companies will be provided with the opportunity to develop advertising initiatives within Salford.

A number of other local authorities have been included within the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), which will enable these Local Authorities to access the framework if they so wish. It needs to be noted that a direct approach to these authorities would not be welcomed, any enquiries should be directed through to

Salford City Council and the other named authorities have an exclusive license for the development of billboards on council land. Under existing council license agreements developers have the right to develop the estate but the development of new sites will be open to all advertising developers who qualify for admission on to the flexible procurement agreement operators list.

It needs to be noted that the development of large format advertising is not exclusive to one developer, the council will work with all of the developers who have been successfully appointed to the flexible procurement agreement operators list.

The council is keen to encourage outdoor developers to work with the council where opportunities exist to develop innovative advertising displays, the council has a proactive approach to the development of outdoor advertising displays and has established a pre-application process to support this work.

Successful developers on the framework will be encouraged to submit advertising proposals to Salford City Council and if approved a license or lease agreement will be provided for that particular site. Where the council has identified an advertising opportunity all the developers on the framework will be approached and asked to submit a proposal which will be evaluated using pre-set criteria, the rent offered, the quality of the structure and an acceptable timeline for the delivery of the site.

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