The previous flexible procurement Solution (FPS) has now expired; therefore, Salford City Council has established an approved list to manage all future outdoor advertising initiatives.

Approved list for the development of outdoor advertising, 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2028 (five-year initial term with the option to extend for a further three years and two years)

The council is keen to encourage outdoor advertising developers to work with the council where opportunities exist to develop innovative advertising displays around the city.

To manage and facilitate the development of new initiatives the council has created an approved list for outdoor development. Developers party to the approved list will have been assessed as suitably qualified and experienced in delivering the requirements of the agreement.

The approved list will be operational from 1 September 2023 and from this date the council will be able to work individually with advertising developers, where appropriate, to develop new sites in Salford.

This approved list is not open to any other local authority.

The approved list agreement governs the relationship between the council and the outdoor developer in respect to the development of advertising sites and or advert initiatives across the city.

Under the agreement the approved developers can approach the council outlining advertising opportunities on council land. The council will determine (by using pre-set criteria) whether these site proposals can be progressed as proposed.

Where the council has identified opportunities for new outdoor displays or other similar initiatives, the developers party to the approved list will be approached and offered the opportunity to submit a proposal for the site.

The outdoor developer(s) acknowledge that by entering onto the approved list then no form of exclusivity or site guarantees have been granted by the council.

This page was last updated on 1 August 2023

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