Banners on street lighting columns

Road with street lighting

Advertising on lamp columns is a recent initiative within Salford. It offers the opportunity to enhance the street scene with colour and movement, whilst simultaneously promoting a corporate message.

Location Dimension of banners
Salford Quays Loop Road 3700mm x 915mm
Trafford Road, Salford Quays 2400mm x 600mm
Albion Way, Salford 5 2400mm x 400mm
Great Cheetham Street, Salford 7 3566mm x 600mm
Centenary Way, Eccles 2400mm x 600mm
Canal Circle, Eccles 2400mm x 600mm
East Lancashire Road A580 2400mm x 600mm
Langworthy Road, Salford 6 2400mm x 600mm
Pendleton Way, Salford 6 2400mm x 600mm
Hankinson Way, Salford 6 2400mm x 600mm

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This page was last updated on 26 April 2016

Advertising and sponsorship on the highway

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