Road markings and signage

Salford City Council, as statutory highway authority for the city, undertakes the marking and signage on all public highways in Salford.

Yellow lines on the highway

There are various types of yellow lines that are marked on the road or edge of the pavement/kerb that indicate waiting restrictions.

Loading and unloading? What is a waiting restriction?

Restrictions vary from 'no waiting at any time' to 'day time waiting restrictions', which are indicated by time plates. The time plates show when the restrictions are enforced.

Limited waiting restrictions are indicated by a white box marking and loading restrictions are indicated by yellow lines on the side of the pavement/kerb.

Double yellow lines no longer required a "no waiting" signplate, they can be enforced without signage.

Report worn yellow lines

Traffic Regulation Order

Parking restrictions require a traffic regulation order and are installed to improve road safety and reduce congestion. In general terms the order making process requires a decision by the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel that the order is needed. At this time the order is advertised and people are given 21 days to object to its installation. Details are available on traffic regulation orders. At the end of this period a report is taken back to the panel which details the objections and they determine whether or not to introduce it.

If they decide that the order should be introduced the required works (lining, signing etc) are implemented and then the order is 'sealed'. Seven days later it can be enforced.

Parking enforcement in Salford

Whereas parking used to be controlled by the police, in Salford all non-endorsable parking offences are enforced by NSL Services Group on behalf of Salford City Council.

If you have received a parking ticket, please visit our 'How to pay or challenge a PCN' page

Access protection markings

Salford City Council can sometimes provide access protection markings, at a property owner's expense, which may help to prevent vehicles parking across private access ways.

This marking costs £50 and comprises of an elongated 'H' marking on the carriageway. Its function is to alert drivers to the fact that there is a private access at that point which must be kept clear.

This type of road marking is not enforceable but does serve to highlight that any vehicle parking there is creating an obstruction - which can be dealt with by the police.

Before an access protection marking can be undertaken, the property owner must have an approved dropped crossing and hard standing where their vehicle is parked.

Find out more and apply for access protection markings

Signs and nameplates on the highway

We're always pleased to receive details of damaged or missing road signs (including street nameplates).

The council installs signs to regulate traffic and to provide warnings to drivers of hazards ahead.

The signs that may be used on the public highway are controlled by government regulations, covering the designs of the signs, where they can be used and whether they must be illuminated.

The council is frequently asked to install additional signs showing that there is a 30mph speed limit in residential roads. Under current regulations, however, it is not permitted to provide repeated 30mph signs in roads with street lights.

Drivers are expected to be familiar with the Highway Code, which states that the presence of street lights not more than 185 metres apart indicates the existence of a 30mph speed limit, unless signs show a different limit.

The council will provide direction signs under certain circumstances to destinations off the public highway, which strangers to the area may visit regularly.

Street nameplates

Once a nameplate has been erected, it is the responsibility of the council to maintain it. On newly-constructed roads, the developer must first erect the sign and the council takes over maintenance responsibility once the road has been adopted. Replacement of damaged or missing street nameplates, once reported, can take several weeks.

Report missing, damaged or obscured signs

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