Access protection markings   

What is an access protection marking for?

An access protection marking comprises of an elongated white 'H' marking on the carriageway across a dropped kerb and hard standing (for example; a driveway), its function is to alert motorists to the fact that there is a private access at that point which must be kept clear.

The marking is advisory only but can help to further highlight the access to an off-street parking facility.

If you are prevented from driving off your drive (an access protection marking does not need to be in place), you can contact the police on 101. Please note the police wouldn’t be able to assist if you cannot get onto the drive, as this is viewed as an inconvenience, rather than an obstruction.

Salford City Council's Parking Services section can in some cases assist when a vehicle is inconsiderately parked obstructing a resident’s individual dropped kerb, where reasonable access/egress is prevented to an off-street private parking area.

If you wish to request a site visit by the council's civil enforcement officers, you will be required to email details of the obstruction, which should only come from the resident whose driveway is being affected. This must be on the day and at the time of the obstruction to the dropped kerb is taking place. Where possible provide details of the vehicle causing the obstruction, including registration details, make, model, colour and also advise of the residential address where the obstruction is taking place. E-mail

Once this formal request for enforcement is received, Parking Services will endeavour to have an available civil enforcement officer attend the address to determine if a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued.

Please note that the local authority or their civil enforcement officers do not have the powers to have a vehicle removed from the highway. 

What are the criteria?

Anyone can apply for an access protection marking who has a driveway and a dropped kerb. If the area you are requesting an access protection marking is not owned by the local authority, we will ask you to obtain written permission from the landowner before we will consider the request further.

  • You must have a driveway or garage
  • You must already have a dropped kerb accessing a driveway (if you don’t already have one, you can apply for a dropped kerb)
  • There must be no parking restrictions already present
  • Access protection markings highlight an access point. They do not indicate a reserved parking space
  • The property owner is responsible for the full cost of the marking
  • You can also apply for the marking to service two driveways, which can include access to your own driveway and your neighbour’s driveway (agreement is needed from the adjoining neighbour also in writing).

What is the cost?

Payment is only required after your request has been approved and if the applicant wishes to proceed.

The charge is £50 if the request is approved for a standard driveway. Should the access protection marking require re-marking in the future the local authority will require a £50 contribution from the applicant towards the re-marking works.

The council reserves the right to not install the marking should it feel that it will not be successful or will lead to undue community tensions. Similarly, if the marking is installed and is shown to be causing problems in the neighbourhood, the council reserves the right to have the marking removed. 

How do I apply?

You can apply for an access protection marking by completing the online application form below.

Apply for an advisory Access Protection Marking

Once we receive your request, a site inspection will be carried out to determine if it is possible to provide the marking as requested. 

If your request is approved, you will be provided with payment details. Once payment has been received an instruction will be issued to the lining contractor and the work should be completed within four to six weeks weather permitting and subject to no vehicles parking at the location where the marking is being installed.

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