Dropped kerbs: car access to properties

Any access onto a public highway from a residential or commercial driveway should have a 'dropped kerb'.

Commercial crossings

For commercial crossings, telephone 0161 603 4023.

Residential properties

Do I need a dropped kerb?

If you intend to drive a vehicle over the footway into your driveway off a road, then you will need a dropped kerb. It is an offence to drive over a footway without proper dropped kerbs.

Who undertakes the work?

Residents wishing to have a vehicular access crossing constructed can download the relevant information at the bottom of this page. Please contact us using the details below if you would like printed copies of this information.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the necessary quotations for the work from any of the contractors on the approved list.

Approved contractors

Company name Address Contact name Telephone numbers Email address
Argyle North West Construction Limites 295 Manchester Road, Walkden, M28 3HH Not applicable 0161 288 5400 info@argylenw.co.uk
Utilities Design and Planning Limited Astor Road, Salford, M50 1BB Not applicable 0161 907 1234 civils@udpltd.co.uk
General Utilities North West Ltd Unit 1 Boundary Trading Park, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 6FB Not applicable 0161 776 0011 info@generalutilitiesnorthwest.co.uk
Pioneer Paving
Contractors Ltd
110 Fir Street, Cadishead, M44 5AG Mark Culleton 07546 944400 pioneerpavingcontractorsltd@outlook.com
Eclipse Bespoke Landscaping and Civils 11 Greg Street, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 7LA Sean Higgins 07791 670386 eclipsecivils@gmail.com

All contractual arrangements will be between the applicant and their nominated contractor although the work will be supervised by a representative of Salford City Council to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions specified.

I don't have a dropped kerb for my access

If you do not have an approved dropping crossing you must not drive over the footway. If you do so you are breaking the law and enforcement action may be taken to prevent such use. You may also be liable for any damage to the surface of the footway caused by your vehicle. You may have to defend yourself against a claim should someone have an accident as a result of any damage resulting from any unauthorised use or inadequate construction. You may be faced with prosecution via a magistrates' court and a bill for any necessary repairs.

Do I need planning permission for a dropped kerb?

Planning permission is only needed for dropped kerbs if the access is on a road designated as a classified main road, ie A, B or C roads as outlined below. Please go to our planning application page or telephone 0161 779 6195 for further guidance.

Conditions for dropped crossing contractor (click to expand)

The contractor:

  • Shall have Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5 million.
  • Shall ensure that at least one operative on site holds New Roads and Street Works Accreditation and there must be at least one person accredited to supervisor level overseeing the works.
  • Shall comply with the requirements of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 notice procedures and any subsequent Act of Parliament governing street works or works for highway purposes.
  • Shall obtain a licence to excavate in the highway from Salford City Council - which will be issued subject to the above information being provided at our office.
  • Shall work to the specification provided when we issue the permit. Shall agree the start date with Salford City Council street works team.

The applicant:

  • Shall inform Salford City Council that they intend to install a vehicular crossing at least six weeks prior to work commencing on site.
  • Shall engage the services of a suitably qualified and accredited contractor.
  • Shall pay the appropriate fee.
  • Shall ensure that the contractor has obtained the opening permit prior to any work commencing on site.

Salford City Council network nanagement:

  • Shall make an initial assessment as to the suitability of the location of the proposed access crossing.
  • Shall issue the permit to the contractor.
  • Shall place the New Roads and Street Works notice on the street works register and agree the start date with the contractor.
  • Shall issue the specification to the contractor.
  • Shall point out the conditions of the permit to the contractor.
  • Shall make two site visits to ensure compliance with the specification and assess the quality of the final reinstatement.

Please note:

  • The owner occupier of the property must have an existing hardstanding area within the curtilage of their property.
  • The driveway shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the vehicle, the vehicle shall not overhang any part of the footway/carriageway and any installed gates shall not open outwards onto the footway.
  • The fee covers the cost of two inspections and the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 notice.
  • It is an offence not to comply with the requirements of the New Roads and Street Works Act and the Highway Authority can prosecute persons found to have failed to comply with items 1 and 2 above.
  • If the site is unsuitable and no alternative location can be agreed, you will not be allowed to create an access. Refusal will usually be on highway safety grounds where your safety and that of other road users would be deemed to be compromised. This decision is final.
  • The crossing must serve the property to which it relates, ie you cannot use your neighbours crossing to access your property. The only exception would be a shared driveway.
  • The standard vehicular crossing size shall be the full width of the footway and three dropped kerbs with a taper kerb at either side (ie five kerbs) The minimum entrance at the back of the footway (ie the width of the drive way) shall be no less than 2.7 metres. The dropped kerbs shall extend for the full length of the entrance.
  • If you intend to use your own contractor, the specification will be provided to the applicant to enable the contractor to price up the work. The contractor shall adhere to the specification.
  • Any deviation from the specification shall not be tolerated. The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring that the contractor adheres to the specification. Failure to comply will result in Highway Services rectifying the work and recharging the full costs to the applicant.
  • Please be aware that there are a number of bogus contractors who offer cut price dropped crossings. They operate illegally and do not conform to any specification or safe working practices. Please do not be tempted to pay for a cut price crossing. If you do, the full cost to reconstruct the crossing to an approved standard shall be recharged.

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