Dogs, fishing and wildlife in parks and green spaces


Dogs are welcome in Salford City Council parks if kept under control and you clean up after your dog.

Dogs are not allowed to be exercised in children’s play areas, tennis courts, multi-use games areas or bowling greens.

Salford City Council does not install or promote the use of enclosed dog fields within public parks. Instead, there are various private businesses in and around Salford that offer this service.


There are various fishing sites throughout the city. These sites are independently managed by fishing clubs and require you to contact them directly before use.

Please stay within the designated fishing spaces to enable wildlife to thrive and stay safe.

Fishing locations and club contacts:

Fishing is not permitted at any other ponds and lakes managed by Salford City Council. This includes Worsley Woods, Kersal Wetlands, Clowes Park, Lightoaks Park and Three Sisters Park.

Fishing areas not managed by Salford City Council include:

  • Drinkwater park, please visit the Forestry England webpage or the Salford Friendly Anglers Society website for more information.
  • Whittle Brook Reservoir, owned and managed by Broughton Anglers.
  • Hulmes and Gorse Reservoirs, owned by Peel Land & Property and leased by Farnworth Anglers.
  • Deans Pond in Swinton, utilised by Deans Youth Centre and Salford Youth Service.

I’ve found stressed, injured or ill wildlife, what do I do?

Please visit the RSPCA help and animal in need webpage.

Baby birds

If you have found a baby bird in a park or open space, the RSPCA wildlife webpage advises that you leave it alone. It could be learning to fly, and the parents will be nearby.

Small sick or injured wildlife

If you have found a sick or injured small wild animal the RSPCA wildlife webpage advises you to monitor them from a distance before consulting with your nearest vet. 

Large sick or injured wildlife

If you have found a sick or injured large wild animal that is too dangerous for you to handle or transport, eg a swan or deer, the RSPCA help an animal in need webpage advises you to contact the RSPCA for assistance. 

Injured or trapped wildlife may need specialist help from trained veterinary staff to reduce the animals chances of further injuries or risk to the public.

Deer in distress

Deer are increasingly seen across Salford including urban areas. People should not approach deer so not to panic them. More advice can be found on the RSPCA deer webpage

Swans in distress

Swans can be found on many council parks and waterways. Swan parents are aggressive to their cygnets once they are old enough to look after themselves and will actively chase them away.

This can be distressing to witness as it can take the cygnets time before they move on. If you see this normal behaviour please monitor from a distance, and do not intervene. If you see an injured swan please contact the RSPCA or a nearby vet for assistance.

Wildlife in the canal

The Bridgewater Canal is privately owned and managed by The Bridgewater Canal Company Limited. Please use the Bridgewater Canal Company contact us webpage to report any animals in the canal.

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