Dust, steam, smells, fumes and gases

What can we deal with?

We can investigate complaints relating to fumes and gases from private dwellings and complaints relating to dust, steam, smell and other effluvia arising on industrial, trade or business premises.

Examples of this type of nuisance are:

  • Dust blowing from a factory yard or escaping from equipment
  • Smell from a sewage treatment works or processing smells from a factory
  • Steam that is escaping from a vent and causing a nuisance.

What legislation does the council use?

We investigate nuisance complaints under Environmental Protection Act 1990

What can we not deal with?

We are unable to deal with complaints regarding cooking smells from residential properties.

Further advice

As with all nuisance complaints, we advise speaking to the person responsible for your complaint in the first instance, to try to resolve the matter informally. Our experience has shown that this is often the quickest way of dealing with the issues and better for maintaining amicable neighbourly relations.  

If you are affected by any of the above nuisances you can report your concerns online.

Find out how to report this online

For advice about our procedures and the legislation we use please see our frequently asked questions page

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