Response times

The environmental protection team prioritises all complaints it receives to ensure that the most urgent complaints are dealt with first.

Please see below for expected maximum response times. After reporting your complaint, please gather as much evidence as possible as to the extent that the issues are affecting you by completing the diary sheets at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if you would like a copy to be sent to you by post, please email

A minimum of two weeks information will be required.

Type of nuisance Maximum response time Are nuisance record sheets needed?
Noise nuisances from commercial or industrial premises 2 days Yes, if the noise is intermittent
Smoke from commercial, industrial or domestic premises 2 days Yes, if the noise is intermittent
Other nuisances from commercial, industrial premises 2 days Yes, if the noise is intermittent
Above ground toilet drainage 2 days No
Water disconnections 2 days No
Waste chemicals on land 2 days No
Noise from intruder alarms 2 days No, unless it is intermittent
Domestic generated noise nuisance (see exceptions below) 7 days Yes
Barking dogs, noise from other animals, PA systems, calls to worship 8 weeks Yes
Other domestic nuisances 7 days Yes
Surface drainage (not foul) 7 days No

DIY noise

The team will not investigate DIY noise from domestic premises unless it has been:

  • Ongoing for four weeks or more, and
  • Undertaken between the hours of 9pm and 8am

For advice about our procedures and the legislation we use please see our frequently asked questions page

Downloadable documents

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

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