What do I need to check before making a complaint?

Are you concerned about a development?

If you are concerned about a development, you can check our Public Register system to see if permission has been granted and if there are any conditions attached to it. Please include the planning reference number in any complaint if relevant.

View planning applications

Does all development need planning permission?

Some development does not need planning permission. This type of development is known as ‘permitted development’. Residential dwellings have an array of permitted development rights particularly in relation to single storey extensions and outbuildings. Further information on permitted development rights for householders is available on our 'do I need planning permission?' page.

A number of mini guides are also available for the most common projects.

Some commercial development is also considered to be permitted development, further information is also available on our 'do I need planning permission?' page.

When does development become immune from planning enforcement action?

Unauthorised works and uses Time period
Building, engineering and other operations Four years
Where there is a change of use from a building to a dwelling Four years
All other changes of use Ten years
Breaches of planning conditions Ten years

We do not investigate:

  • Land ownership – contact HM Land Registry for more information.
  • Covenants contained within property deeds.
  • Party walls and boundary disputes – look on Planning Portal for more information
  • Internal works (except in relation to a listed building), for example new kitchens / bathrooms and general decorating where no external works are required, or a change of use has occurred.
  • Health and safety matters – refer to HSE for more information
  • Building regulation matters – refer to the council’s building regulations pages

Report a planning breach

Report the breaking of planning rules

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