Planning monitoring

Up until now every local planning authority has been required to produce an annual monitoring report (AMR) by 31 December each year. However, under section 113 of the Localism Act monitoring work no longer needs to be published within a single AMR but can instead be produced in a series of individual monitoring reports. The reports are required to cover a period of no longer than 12 months, and begin with the end of the period covered by the most recent report.

The local plan policies monitoring report addresses whether the council is implementing the policies within the local plan whilst the monitoring report for Salford’s local development scheme (LDS) provides details of progress being made against the timetables for each of the documents identified in the city’s LDS.

The council has also produced a residential development and land supply report and a retail employment monitoring report.

The greenspace strategy monitoring identifies existing sites that meet one or more of the local standards as set out in the greenspace strategy supplementary planning document and also identifies proposed sites to be improved. Information is also provided to show how Salford is performing against the local greenspace standards.

Previous copies of annual monitoring reports and individual monitoring reports are available to view with the archived documents.