Town and neighbourhood centres review

A review of the current role and function of the city’s existing town and neighbourhood centres as defined in the council’s adopted unitary development plan 2004 to 2016 (policies saved beyond 21 June 2009) has been completed. New centres that were proposed through the now withdrawn core strategy, former key local centres (as defined in the 1995 unitary development plan) and other clusters of retail activity have also been reviewed.

This review informs the emerging local plan in determining:  

  • Whether it is appropriate to continue to designate Salford’s existing town and neighbourhood centres
  • Whether it is appropriate to designate any new centres
  • An appropriate boundary for each of the centres.
  • The primary shopping area, primary frontages and secondary frontages within the town centres.

The review presents an up to date position with regards to the overall role of centres and other significant clusters of retail activity in Salford and includes detailed information relating to the uses/vacant units contained within these areas. It can therefore be used by the city council in determining planning applications and should also assist applicants in collating background information in support of planning applications, supplemented by more recent survey work where appropriate.

The recommendations made in the report do not represent changes to the centres designated in policy S1 of the council’s adopted unitary development plan, and their boundaries as identified on the proposals map remain the city’s designated centres until such time as they are superseded by an adopted local plan.

The centres will be re-surveyed on a rolling programme every two years and the updated survey data will be published as it is completed.

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