Admissions processes for cared for children

Applying for a school place for a cared for child

When a child or young person is taken into care, every effort should be made to enable them to remain in their current school to provide them with continuity of learning, friendships and pastoral support from their school. School stability is of vital importance.

If a school move is, however, required, it is the responsibility of the social worker to make the application for a school place. The social worker should always consider the current Ofsted judgement of the school. Statutory guidance states that we should only be placing cared for children in schools which have been judged to be good or better.

To find out about the availability of school places in Salford, the social worker should contact Salford Admissions on 0161 793 2500 or via email at

All school applications must be made online. Full details of all the admission processes can be found in this section.

Schools outside of Salford

For schools outside of Salford, each LA has their own admissions teams and they will be found on their LA websites.

Consultation with the Virtual School about school moves

If it is thought that a school move is required the young person’s social worker should always consult with the relevant Virtual School Advisor before progressing plans. All school changes require careful planning.

If a child also has an EHCP, then the social worker must also liaise with the relevant SEN Caseworker, as the SEN Team must be involved in any decisions about a move of school, and the EHCP will need to be updated appropriately.

Further information for social workers can be downloaded below.

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