Information for young people

Every school should, by law, have a designated teacher for looked after children. Your school should make sure that you are aware who this is in your school. If you’re not sure – you could ask your social worker to find out, or you could ask your class teacher/head of year if you feel able to.

Your designated teacher won’t come and single you out – but they are there for you if you need any help or advice. Their job is to make sure you are getting the most out of school. They should be the person who your social worker contacts if there are any issues with school.

All children and young people in Salford can access lots of services and activities, whether you are looked after or not and a good website to look at for information is Youth zone.

We also have a Children in Care Council, called ‘Fight for Change Council’ and this is a good way to get involved and have the opportunity to have your say about what matters to you. You can find details of this and other information for young people on the in care and informed pages.

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