Transport to school

Transport for pupils and students to and from school and college can be arranged free of charge, subject to certain criteria. 

Assistance is provided for primary and secondary school age pupils attending mainstream schools within the area and also to primary and secondary school age pupils attending special needs schools within the Salford area and beyond.

Pupils applying for free transport must live within the Salford boundary and be of statutory school age.

You can download a copy of the Salford home to school transport policy below. Paper copies can be provided on request.

Statutory walking distance

Transport assistance provided will be a free annual scholar’s pass which allows travel on public/school buses in Greater Manchester.

Provision will be made for:

  • Primary age pupils aged up to eight years travelling over two miles
  • Primary age pupils aged over eight years and secondary age pupils travelling over three miles

Parents choosing a school further away from their home than another school that is appropriate to their child's educational needs will be responsible for transport costs.

Low income families

Following amendments to the Education and Inspections Act 2006, the Local Authority are required to extend a right to free transport to pupils from low income families. Children from low income families are defined in the act as those who are entitled to free school meals or those whose families are in receipt of their maximum level of Working Tax Credit (WTC). The right to free transport has therefore been extended to the following pupils from low income families:

  • Primary age pupils aged 8 years and under 11 years where they are attending a qualifying school more than two miles from their home
  • Pupils aged 11 to 16 years attending one of their three nearest suitable schools (where this is over two miles to a maximum of six miles from their homes)
  • Pupils aged 11 to 16 years to the nearest suitable school preferred on grounds of religion where they live more than two miles, but not more than 15 miles from that school

Apply for a school bus pass

Special needs

Assistance with transport is provided for primary and secondary school age pupils attending special needs schools within the Salford area and beyond.

If transport is to be provided, the authority will determine the type of provision to be made; this may take the form of travel cost reimbursement or even more individualised contracted transport. Provision made will take account of the pupil/student's severity of learning difficulty and/or mobility needs.

Transport needs will be reviewed in line with an annual review process as a pupils transport needs may change over time. Schools will review transport provision and make recommendations to the LA through the statutory review process with a view to moving pupils to independent travel as soon as possible.

How to apply

Please choose the appropriate form to complete based on the age of the pupil when the travel assistance will start.

Under 16

Apply for travel assistance for pupils under 16 with SEN or disabilities

16 or over

Apply for travel assistance for pupils aged 16 or over with SEN or disabilities

For queries please email

For further information see the Local Offer transport page.

Free bus passes

If your child attends a special school and has an EHCP (Educational Health Care plan), they are entitled to a free bus pass from Transport for Greater Manchester. If your child has a disability, they may also be entitled to a free bus pass.

Downloadable documents

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