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Autism and social communication team


The autism and social communication team are a team of specialist teachers who work to provide specialist advice for children and young people in mainstream primary and secondary settings, who have di

Adults with neurodevelopmental needs


How to access support as an adult with neurodevelopmental needs For some parents and carers when their child’s needs have been identified and assessed this can lead to an increased awareness of some a

Neurodevelopmental help: Environments, transitions, making friends


Routines form an important part of all of our daily lives. Think about when you eat your lunch, do your food shop or visit a family member. We generally stick to similar routines each day and each wee

Neurodevelopmental help: Understanding and responding to behaviours


Behaviour is the way in which we act or respond to a situation or event that occurs. We can all respond to something positively. For example, smiling and laughing to show our enjoyment and pleasure. E

Neurodevelopmental help: Speech, language and communication skills


Our communication skills are one of the most important set of skills we have. They help us to form friendships and relationships as well as help us to learn, develop and think. Our ability to understa

Neurodevelopmental help: Sensory skills


Sensory skills involve the senses of smell, touch, vision, hearing, balance and proprioception (where your body is in space) and taste. Our sensory skills constantly work together alongside our motor

Neurodevelopmental help: Emotional wellbeing and mental health


Emotional wellbeing is our ability to produce positive emotions, moods, thoughts and feelings. It helps us to adapt when we are confronted with a stressful, unpleasant or unexpected situation. It can

Neurodevelopmental help: Sleep


Sleep is important for everyone. We need good quality sleep to complete our everyday tasks. We also need good quality sleep as this influences how we feel. For children and young people it is particul

Talking to health services


If you have problems telling your doctor or nurse what is wrong, or what you want, ask them to use the Power In Our Hands pack. This is a communications pack, designed by a group of adults with learni

Support services


Support and care for disabled children and their families Challenging Behaviour Foundation - provides support and makes a different to the lives of people with severe learning difficulties. Contact -