Civic Medal

Nominations for the Civic Medal will be accepted on behalf of a person who may not have been directly linked or involved with the city but by their actions have made a significant impact locally, nationally or internationally which the city council considers worthy of recognition.

Under no circumstances should candidates be informed that their name is under consideration.

Details will only be divulged if and when the council has decided to support the nomination and the proposed recipient has agreed to accept the award.

A member of the city council who has completed 40 year’s service will automatically receive the Civic Medal and the City Mayor at the conclusion of his term of office.

Selection criteria for the Civic Medal

Once received the nomination will bed submitted to a meeting of the Awards Group; who will consider the nomination against the criteria.

  • Nominations should be sought through an application process. The application form will ask the nominee for a detailed explanation why the nomination should be awarded the Civic Medal.
  • All awards will be by application.
  • It should be possible to enable all awards to be given on a posthumous basis.

The Ceremony

  • The Ceremonial Mayor will be robed and the award given at an ordinary meeting of the city council where possible.
  • The Ceremonial Mayor will call upon the nominator to say a few words relating to the recipient and their reason for the nomination.
  • The Ceremonial Mayor will make the presentation and request the recipient to address the meeting.
  • Where possible a Civic Ceremony will be followed by hospitality in the Ceremonial Mayors Parlour.

How to apply

Download and complete the application form. This can be emailed to

Downloadable documents

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