Special responsibilities

The City Mayor and Deputy City Mayor receive the following annual special responsibility allowance.

Position Annual allowance
City Mayor £65,696.87
Statutory Deputy City Mayor £33,296.22
Deputy City Mayor £33,296.22

In addition to their basic allowance of £11,043.05, an annual special responsibility allowance is payable to those members who have a significant level of other responsibility. Those positions attracting such an allowance and the updated rates are listed below:

Position Annual allowance
Ceremonial Mayor £10,584.15
Executive Lead Members £14,252.50
Support Members £10,688.70
Chairs of Scrutiny Committees and Audit and Accounts Committee £8,909.98
Chair of Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel £8,909.98
Chair of Licensing and Safety Regulatory Panel £8,909.98
Leaders of the Opposition Groups (with at least three Members) £8,909.98
Representatives of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee £5,317.18
Co-opted Chair £580.78
Co-opted Member £408.44

If a member does not hold the position for which special responsibility allowance is paid for a whole year, the amount of such allowance payable will be proportionate to the period for which the position was held.

Basic and special responsibility allowances are increased in April each year in accordance with the annual pay settlement for local government employees (administrative, professional, technical and clerical staff).

This page was last updated on 21 May 2019

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