Travel and subsistence

This allowance is in line with the Salford City Council single status package for employees.

Members are expected to use the council’s car club for business travel. Exceptions are permissible, in which cases expenses for personal cars can be claimed using the council’s mileage allowance.

Where members use their own vehicles to conduct council business, they are entitled to claim the following mileage allowance related to the size of the vehicle's engine:

Engine size Allowance
Up to 999cc 48.4 pence per mile
1000 to 1199cc 42 pence per mile
1200 to 9999cc 39.5 pence per mile

Car parking charges incurred in connection with approved council business will be reimbursed.

Reimbursement of losses in relation to damage to members' vehicles

This allowance is in line with the Salford City Council employee allowance:

  • Loss of no claims bonus up to a maximum of £300
  • Payment of excess up to a maximum of £150 on members' motor policies

Public transport

Those members who intend to travel by bus when conducting council business, and who do not intend to claim car allowances, are entitled to purchase a weekly / monthly bus saver ticket which they can claim back through their expenses.

Cycle allowance

Those members who intend to travel by cycle are entitled to claim an allowance of ten pence per mile. These journeys should be recorded on the members' allowance claim form.


Where it becomes necessary to use a taxi for approved council business, the cost of the fare and reasonable gratuity will be reimbursed.

Where it is necessary for taxis to be used on a regular basis, eg medical reasons, prior approval must be sought. Please discuss with the members' services unit.

All taxi fares should be paid and claimed back on the allowance claim form in the usual manner.


Subsistence allowances are not payable for duties undertaken within the city. Where members incur costs outside Salford all reasonable out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed. All receipts should be kept and attached to the claim form.

When overnight accommodation is required it should be booked in advance through the members' services unit.

This page was last updated on 4 August 2022

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