Future elections

2020 elections

Local Government election, Salford City Mayor election and Greater Manchester Mayor election.

The UK government has announced that all elections scheduled to take place on the 7 May 2020 will be postponed for 12 months. The government has plans to bring forward legislation to move the 7 May 2020 scheduled polls to 6 May 2021.

Future elections will be taking place as follows:

Election date Election type
6 May 2021 Local Government election*, Salford City Mayor election and election of Mayor for Greater Manchester+

* The 2021 Local Government elections will be ‘all out’ elections where all 60 councillor seats will be up for election due to a review of ward boundaries having been undertaken in 2018/19.

+ The second Greater Manchester mayoral election will be held in 6 May 2021 to elect the Mayor of Greater Manchester.The election will take place the same day as council elections within the city-region- including the election for the Mayor of Salford- as well as elections across England and Wales.

2022 is a ‘fallow’ year with no scheduled elections.

See our types of elections page for more details.

This page was last updated on 26 March 2020

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