City Mayor’s introduction

Paul Dennett, City Mayor

As City Mayor of Salford, I am committed to sharing information openly and listening to your views.

I want to know how you think we provide services in the future, and most importantly what is important to you. This will be important in helping to shape how the council works and provides services to you.

These pages provide information on the opportunities and challenges the council is facing. We outline the priorities that I talked about during my election campaign. We have also set out the council’s budget position as this provides the background to how we can fund services.

I want to encourage you to join this conversation and to provide feedback. At this stage we want to understand what really matters to you. This will help us to develop more detailed and specific budget proposals. We will share these with you in November, with a further opportunity for you to share your views and give us feedback.

City Mayor’s commitments

In the last 2 years £4.44m extra money has been brought into the city from new council tax and business ratesThe way our city is changing provides opportunities and challenges and shapes my commitments as City Mayor and our budget thinking. I spoke with many of you during the recent election and this helped me to understand what matters to you.  My priorities are to:

  • To secure investment in the city that leads to sustainable jobs for our residents. These will be jobs that pay a living wage and that have long term opportunities to progress.
  • To tackle poverty and financial exclusion in our city – through both immediate activities and a longer term approach to develop high quality skills and a Salford education offer that meets the needs of employers and residents.
  • To ensure housing and transport in the city is as connected as possible to the jobs and skills opportunities that exist – and that we have a good supply of affordable housing in particular.
  • To working with other local organisations including the NHS to maintain a high quality health and social care offer.

These priorities reflect the conversations I had during the election – and I would like to know what you think.