Salford stands with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine - Office of the City Mayor

The UK and its allies condemn the Russian government’s unprovoked and premeditated invasion of Ukraine. Salford stands with Ukraine.

Whilst the war in Ukraine continues to destroy homes and lives, Salford is united in our support for the people of Ukraine.

Through the Homes for Ukraine visa scheme, the British people have given refuge to over 130,000 Ukrainians. In Salford, we have welcomed over 230 Ukrainians to our city.

It remains unsafe for people to return home to Ukraine and many people still need a safe and secure place to stay while they find their feet in the UK.

If you’re a Salford resident, you can help support Ukrainians affected by the war in many ways, including:

Ukraine Family Scheme - If you have family already settled in the UK, you may be able to apply to the Ukraine Family Scheme.

Homes for Ukraine – Adults and families who want to be sponsored by a UK household for six months, can apply to the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

When you become a host under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you will receive a £350 'thank you payment' each month your guest(s) remain living with you. The council will send you the payment each month for the first 6 months.

To receive the payment, you'll need to provide your bank details and proof of identity. We'll contact you directly to get this information.

If you want to continue sponsoring a guest for longer than 6 months you will be eligible to receive thank you payments, for the months that you host.

The UK government will increase the minimum ‘thank you’ payments for hosts from £350 per month to £500 per month, once a guest has been here in the UK for 12 months.

You can find questions and answers on the financial support available and how the Homes for Ukraine scheme works on the website.

Homes for Ukraine for children – For anyone who wants sponsor children who are under the age of 18 and not travelling with or joining a parent or legal guardian in the UK.

Ukraine Extension Scheme - you can apply for this scheme if one of the following is true:

  • you held permission to be in the UK on or between 18 March 2022 and 16 May 2023 – the permission does not need to cover the whole period
  • you previously held permission to be in the UK and that permission expired on or after 1 January 2022

The Ukraine Extension Scheme route does not require a UK-based sponsor.

Please carefully consider which scheme to apply to before making an application. In addition, please only use one method when applying - this will help reduce delays and improve the application and decision process. 

Use the links below for further advice and support

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