The Salford Way

Tackling Inequalities, The Salford Way

Tackling inequalities in the city

Salford is beginning a journey of economic transformation, with the mapping out of the city’s economic future through key pieces of city council work. We’re calling this The Salford Way.

This is a blueprint for strategy, progress, improvement, betterment, empowerment and continuing to nurture local pride.

The Salford Way, it’s what we do.

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What it covers

The Salford Way is a range of initiatives aimed at creating a fairer, greener and healthier Salford. An ambitious plan to build a more inclusive and green local economy and a fairer city where everyone can reach their full potential and live prosperous and fulfilling lives.

This includes a number of specific areas of work launched by Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett:

The Salford Way is a continuation of work and transformation that has always been a part of the city’s ethos. The city has roots in the co-operative movement and worked to become the northwest’s first Social Enterprise City and has history of driving economic and social change which continues today. It became the first city in Greater Manchester to commit to the Real Living Wage, developed the 10% Better social value campaign and delivered an award-winning strategy to tackle poverty.

But now it’s time to continue to look to the future. As we begin our recovery from the devastating impact of COVID-19, our approach to promoting economic and social equality is more pressing than ever.

Our vision of economic inclusivity, alongside our plans to tackle health inequalities are vital as we seek to address the imbalance across the city as a result of the impact of the pandemic.

This is a combined vision for the city’s economic horizon, one that residents, businesses and communities across the city can be a part of as we work to create a better, fairer Salford.

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Find out more

We need your support to help achieve this vision for the city. To find out how you can be a part of The Salford Way and help us achieve beneficial success together, email us at and look out for more details on our social media channels and use #TheSalfordWay hashtag.

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