Inclusive and green economy strategy

Our vision is to create a fairer and more inclusive local economy that delivers greater social and environmental justice, where wealth is shared more widely across all our communities.

Salford’s new Inclusive and Green Economy Strategy is our ambitious new plan to build a fairer, greener and healthier Salford for all. An economy where every Salford citizen has the opportunity to participate and feel empowered to make a difference through their communities, workplaces and local democratic institutions.

This strategy seeks to go even further and faster in our ambition to build a local economy that works for everyone. It has been developed following extensive engagement with partners, businesses and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, and is supported by many of the city’s key anchor institutions to ensure it is not owned by any one organisation, but by everyone who has an essential role to play.

At the heart of this is the desire to create an inclusive and green economy that seeks to amplify what Salford is already doing and draw on the city’s long history of partnership working to shape and influence a new economy.

Our priorities for building an inclusive economy here in Salford:

  1. Building local community wealth
  2. Growing the social economy
  3. Accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon economy
  4. Strengthening public services
  5. Strengthening civic participation and local democracy

Read our Inclusive Economy Strategy below:

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