Armed forces personnel

Manchester Airport Festival of Remembrance

The Manchester Festival of Remembrance is on the 8 November at Manchester Airport and provides an wonderful setting in which to remember and celebrate those who have served. The commemoration, music and marching can be watched from under the wings of Concorde. Tickets are free and can be booked online.

Hearing loss?

If you're a veteran with hearing loss, did you know you can get fully funded hearing aids, assistive listening devices or tinnitus support? 

For more details or to book a hearing assessment, call 0808 301 8337, go online. Home visits are available. 

This is offered through the Royal British Legion’s Veterans Hearing Fund supported by Claritas Hearing.

Count them in

The Royal British Legion have launched a campaign about having additional questions about the armed forces in the census, find out more about 'Count them in'.

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