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Every One Remembered

The Royal British Legion, working in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, would like to see each and every one who were killed during the First World War individually commemorated. You can be part of a great collective act of Remembrance.

Apply for a medal

Medals are only issued by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Medal Office and can be claimed retrospectively and by next of kin.

How serving armed forces can claim a medal

Serving armed forces personnel should always apply for medals through their RN, RM, Army or RAF units and consult their admin staff with any medals queries.

How ex-armed forces can claim a medal

If you're ex-armed forces and didn't claim your medals at the time contact the Medal Office. The next of kin of ex-armed forces are also entitled to claim any medals that had not been awarded.

Organisations that can help with claiming a medal

The Lancashire Veterans Association (LVA)
The Heywood Pub
1 Tower Street
OL10 3AA

Telephone: 01706 369710

The Royal British Legion
The Royal British Legion
Lowry House
17 Marble Street
M2 3AW

Telephone: 0161 638 9247

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