Health and safety advice

Health and safety in the workplace

The primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety in the workplace lies with those who create the risk, and in particular employers need to make suitable and sufficient arrangements for managing health and safety. Currently health and safety enforcement in the United Kingdom is split between local authorities and the Health and Safety Executive.

Officers within the environmental health team are responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 in approximately 4,000 premises for which the council has enforcement responsibilities. These premises include warehouses, offices, shops, consumer services and residential care homes. The range of activities undertaken by the officers are detailed in our service plan and include:

  • Investigate accidents and seek to prevent recurrences
  • Visit premises on a routine basis to offer advice on compliance with health and safety legislation. These are carried out on a priority based system. The frequency of our interventions are determined by factors such as the type and size of premises, the work activity and the health and safety compliance history of the premises
  • Investigate and resolve complaints relating to workplace conditions
  • Promote health and safety awareness to employers and employees by providing information, advice and participating in national campaigns
  • Register and licence skin piercing and tattoo establishments
  • Provide advice to workers. Employees who are experiencing health and safety problems at work or who have any concerns or queries may need to discuss their situation with someone outside their workplace. We can provide advice and/or deal with the query as a complaint

Health and safety in the home

The websites below provide general information relating to safety in the home:

Complaints about safety

Part of our work involves investigating complaints from both employees and members of the public.

These might include complaints about:

  • Safety (eg dangerous machinery, equipment, electrics, workplace hazards) that may cause accidents and injury
  • Health (eg using hazardous chemicals, lifting and carrying, loud noise) that may cause ill health such as back problems or diseases
  • Welfare (eg lack of toilets, washing facilities, temperature of workplaces)

What you can do?

If you have visited somewhere recently and feel that there are health and safety problems you can speak to the environmental health officer (for offices, retail/wholesale shops and warehouses, leisure and entertainment premises) or the Health and Safety Executive (for schools, colleges, building sites, industrial premises).

If you have a problem or complaint about your workplace you can:

  • Speak to your manager and explain the problem
  • Speak to your health and safety representative or union representative if you have one
  • Speak to the Employers Medical Advisory Service (part of the Health and Safety Executive who can provide advice and information on health issues)
  • Speak to the environmental health officer

All workplaces must provide a health and safety information for employees poster or free leaflet that provides basic health and safety information with spaces to include the names of those responsible for health and safety in the workplace.

It must also display the name and address of the local environmental health department or Health and Safety Executive office depending who will inspect the premises and enforce the law.

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