Civil partnerships

You must make an appointment to give notice of your Civil Partnership.

Book an appointment to give notice of your civil partnership

Alternatively telephone 0161 793 2500 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday to book an appointment.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 enables same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship. Couples who form a civil partnership have a legal status, that of 'civil partner'.

Civil partners have equal treatment to married couples in a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • tax, including inheritance tax
  • employment benefits
  • most state and occupational pension benefits
  • income-related benefits, tax credits and child support
  • duty to provide reasonable maintenance for your civil partner and any children of the family
  • ability to apply for parental responsibility for your civil partner's child
  • inheritance of a tenancy agreement
  • recognition under intestacy rules
  • access to fatal accidents compensation
  • protection from domestic violence
  • recognition for immigration and nationality purposes

Before you can enter into a civil partnership there are a number of legal requirements that must be satisfied.

By law each partner is required to give a legal notice which is a formal declaration of their intention to enter into a civil partnership. This must be done in person - a friend or relative or other agent is unable to do this on your behalf.

Giving notice of civil partnership

Both partners must give notice of civil partnership to the Register Office in the district where you live. You must have lived in the district at least seven days before giving notice. There is a standard fee payable.

You may choose to have your civil partnership at any register office within England and Wales, or at an venue that has been approved by the local authority for holding ceremonies. If you were to change the venue to somewhere other than as stated in your notice, it will be necessary to give and pay for fresh notices.

There are documents you are required to show at the time of giving notice.

How much notice is required

You cannot give a Notice of Civil Partnership more than one year before the planned date of the ceremony/formation. Your civil partnership cannot be registered until 16 days after you have given the notice.

Provisional bookings

If you wish to make a provisional booking to hold your ceremony and registration with Salford please telephone 0161 793 2500 to make an appointment. This will enable you to secure a day and time and plan for your special day in advance.


  • Notice of Civil Partnership - £35 per partner
  • Formation/Ceremony at the Register Office (maximum four people) - £50 (including one certificate)
  • Formation/Ceremony in The Ceremony Room (up to 60 guests) £134 from Monday to Thursday, £154 on Friday, £204 on Saturday

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