Legal requirements to get married

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Procedures and fees

Before you can get married there are a number of legal requirements that must be satisfied.

By law you have to give a notice of marriage which is a formal declaration of your intention to marry. The notice is a legal statement signed by you. A friend or relative cannot do this on your behalf.

Changes for those subject to immigration control

Immigration laws have changed from 1 July 2021 to reflect the changes brought about following EU Exit. Legislative updates regarding immigration will affect the process of taking notices and civil partnerships.

From 1 July 2021 all register offices in England and Wales will become a designated office, this means that where one or both parties is subject to immigration control, notice of marriage or civil partnership will need to be given together at a district where either one or both parties reside. Those persons who may be subject to immigration control are classed as none-relevant nationals.

A relevant national is:
A British Citizen, an Irish Citizen, a person with EU Settled Status, Pre EU Settled Status or EU Pending Settled Status where a person has applied for EU Settled Status before 30 June 2021 and has a Certificate of Application to prove this. Please see our documents we need to see page.

If you do not fall into the categories above, you must have the relevant documentation to prove your eligibility to marry. Failure to provide this documentation or if you do not have the relevant status to marry will mean you may be referred to the Home Office for investigation. You will therefore be classed as a none-relevant national. Please see our documents we need to see page.

How much notice is required

You cannot give a notice of marriage or civil partnership more than 12 months before the date of the ceremony. A marriage or civil partnership cannot take place until 28 full days after you have given your notice. There is now a referral and investigation scheme in place, whereby from 1 July 2021 onwards, all none-relevant nationals without settled status, or a marriage or civil partnership visa, will be referred to the Home Office Immigration for further investigation.

If you are unable to provide evidence that you have the appropriate immigration status your case will be referred to the Home Office Immigration for further investigation. Those within the scope of the referral scheme may have the waiting period extended from 28 days to 70 days if their case is still being considered. Please note, if you are a non-relevant national and you are referred to the Home Office for investigation, you will not be able to book a date for your ceremony here at Salford until all the checks and documentation has been issued.

Couples wishing to marry in the Church of England or Church in Wales, where one or both are none-relevant nationals will be required to give their notice of marriage together at the register office in the district where one or both parties reside.

If you live within the Salford registration district and are subject to immigration control you will need to telephone the office for an appointment, as we will need to check your status and eligibility for giving notice prior to an appointment being made. Please contact Salford Register Office on 0161 793 2500 or email where we will respond at our earliest opportunity.

For more information see the GOV.UK website.

Giving notice of marriage

You are both required to give your notice of marriage to the register office in the district where you live. You must have lived in the district at least seven days before giving notice. There is a standard fee payable for this.

The marriage ceremony can take place at any register office within England and Wales but if you were to change the venue as stated in your notice, it would be necessary to give and pay for fresh notices.

Your marriage cannot go ahead unless the legal formalities have been completed.

Provisional bookings

If you wish to book a date and time for your ceremony before giving your legal notice we offer a provisional booking service to allow you to secure your date and time. A non-refundable booking fee of £40 is required. This fee is a one off payment and is not deducted from any other ceremony fees. We are unable to offer provisional bookings for those who are not a British or Irish Citizen due to ensuring you are eligible to marry or hold a civil partnership. Please contact the register office on 0161 793 2500 to use this service.


  • Notice of marriage relevant national: £35 per person
  • Notice of marriage none-relevant national: £47 per person
  • This is payable at the time of booking your appointment). This payment is to secure your appointment and to enable the Registrar to check all your documents. The booking fee will then be transferred to your notice fee. Failure to attend your appointment will result in the loss of your appointment fee, and you will need to pay again to secure an appointment.
  • Wedding at a register office: £46 plus £11 for each certificate required. Please note this room is only available for four people including the witnesses.
  • Wedding in the ceremony room: £170 from Monday to Thursday, £190 on Friday and £240 on Saturday. In addition, there's a further £11 per certificate required.
  • Please note: a deposit of 50% of the fee is payable at the time of booking your ceremony (usually when you give notice) which is not refundable.
  • The final balance for your ceremony payment is due three months before the date of your ceremony.
  • Please note: in the event of cancellation within three months of your ceremony date, you are not entitled to a refund.

Fees are reviewed by the General Register Office and the local authority each year. Any increase in fees is effective from 1 April each year. This will apply to all ceremonies taking place on or after this date.

How to book an appointment

You must make an appointment at the Salford Register Office to give notice of marriage.

You will be required to pay the booking fee at the time of making the appointment. This fee will then be transferred to your notice fee, once you have attended your appointment and submitted all the relevant documentation.

You should make every effort to attend together if you both live in the Salford area, but if this is inconvenient you may come in separately.

Please note if you fail to attend, or fail to bring the correct documentations you will have lost your booking fee and will be required to pay again for an alternative appointment.

We operate a strict appointment system and if you do arrive late we cannot guarantee that you will be seen and you may be asked to make another appointment and you will be required to pay again for another appointment. Please ensure you plan your journey accordingly.

Book an appointment

Details of how to change or cancel your appointment will be included in your confirmation email once you have booked an appointment.

If you do not have access to book online you can call 0161 793 2500 to arrange your appointment.

This page was last updated on 11 May 2023

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