Building usage survey

The council very regularly receives requests from a number of charities, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations who are keen to use council land and property in Salford.

Many are very deserving cases that we would like to support, but as we have a limited supply of property, very often, we are unable to assist every request.

You are one of around 100 organisations that the council does support and we value all of them. However, in my cases, the council does not fully understand the contribution that these organisations bring to Salford. 

We would be grateful if you could tell us how your organisation contributes to the wider city by completing our building use online survey. This will enable us to fully understand the benefits your organisation provides to the city, in return for the land and/or property that the council provides to you on a concessionary basis.

It should take around ten minutes to complete the survey, which has the following six steps:

  1. Your organisational details
  2. Your safeguarding policies if this is applicable
  3. How your organisation contributes to the people of Salford
  4. Your building occupation details
  5. Information concerning any additional funding that you may receive
  6. Confirmation of your contact details

Please provide a copy of your current safeguarding policy and procedure as part of your submission.

Building use survey

The information you give us will help demonstrate the importance of such arrangements and support the city in terms of its current and future property strategy and in particular, to support the review that we are undertaking on the city's current land and building use arrangements.

When completing the survey, please consider the City Mayor's vision for the city to create 'A better and fairer Salford for all'. To help the city achieve this vision, eight key priorities have been identified by the City Mayor to tackle the problems people in Salford are currently facing, known as This is our Salford.

If you have any queries, please contact the Property Management Team on 0161 779 6076 or email

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