Help travelling if you have a disabled child

If your child is over two years old and has a disability which means that they cannot walk, you may be able to apply for a Blue Badge on their behalf.

The Blue Badge can make taking your child out easier because some parking restrictions do not apply. The badge also allows you to park in disabled parking bays.

If your child attends a special school and has a statement of special educational need, he/she is entitled to a free bus pass from GMPTE.

Students of any age permanently resident in Greater Manchester, with one of the following disabilities, may be also entitled to a GMPTE Free Travel Pass:

  • registered blind with the local authority
  • profoundly deaf and without speech that cannot be readily understood by an untrained hearing person
  • without natural speech and unable to communicate orally
  • without the use of both arms
  • with learning difficulties
  • have been, or would be refused a driving licence on the grounds that they have a severe and enduring mental health problem

More information about free bus passes.

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